DimonCoin (FUDD Decentralized)


What that Dimoncoin ?

      Dimon coin is the first Cryptocurrency that won't be affected byfear,uncertainly or doubt, because it is itself FUD decentralized  the revolution in the revolution. Are you tired to see your investment in cryptocurrencies getting lower and lower because of FUD? DimonCoin is the solution. With its bind to the major cryptocurrencies detractors, DimonCoin has no enemies on the banking side: no banker, investor, broker is going to spread FUD about Dimon Coin, ever. DimonCoin: FUD decentralized, on the Ethereum Blockchain. Dimon Coin simbol is " FUD"

What is Dimoncoin Strategy ?

brokers and investors spreading FUD about cryptocurrencies, we have a guarantee that DimonCoin will be the only one rising in value.

What is Dimoncoin Token ?

 FUD doesn't need complexity! Based on the ERC20 standard, DimonCoin can be bought, held, and transferred as a classic Ethereum token.

What is Dimoncoin Development and Audit ?

Smart Contract code available on GitHub: everybody can look at the code, check it, test it and verify it. You yourself can be the auditor of the token.

What is recommend wallet For Dimoncoin ?

 Recommend wallet for Dimoncoin is :

How about Dimoncoin Airdrop ?

Every Airdrop will be held on new moon; 98% of the total supply (2% is reserved for devs) will be distributed. There will also be bounties for the community of  BitcoinTalk. There will be a total supply of 100,000,000 FUD (one hundred millions).98% will be distributed through airdrops, ounties and marketing programs, 2% will remain to devs for development.Doing the math, there will be a total of 98,000,000 for the community.We will decide before the airdrop the amount that will be released, and it will be fairly distributed to the participants.

the first airdrop has been completed.  this is the first airdrop form
First airdrop : on 19.10.2017
You can sign for the airdrop until 23:59 GMT of 15.10.2017

And second airdrop has started. this is the second airdrop form.
Second airdrop: on 18.11.2017
You can sign for the airdrop until 20:00 GMT of 15.11.2017

after the second airdrop is over, there will be a third airdrop.
Third airdrop will be held on 18.12.2017

How is the promotion done dimoncoin?

Through all the main internet channels: twitter, forums, etc., but especially from word of banksters and skeptic investors and brokers. Each time they will bash cryptocurrencies, FUDD will take a step higher.

What is Dimoncoin Roadmap ?

Presentation: on Bitcointalk and Twitter. Airdrop: different waves will give another chance to late investors. Exchanges: entering them ASAP.

What is contract address, symbol, and Decimal of Dimoncoin ?

contract address : 0xDe39E5E5a1B0EB3Afe717D6d011CaE88D19451e
symbol               : FUDD
Decimal             : 8 digits

who monitors of dimoncoin?

Monitors or team of Dimoncoin is :

James Demon
The Mastermind of them all. Each word he says is like a FUD nuke in the cryptocurrency real a good and very, very cheap tactic that allows him to buy Bitcoin at lower price.

Anny Petty
Global financial system analysts can tell you that Bitcoin has no value, because it is not provided by any authority. The usual old stale rubbish, but it always works, with the weak-minded and open-minded people out there.

Murk Ban
With his presence on TV shows and sport events, he can spread FUD to the public. Next move: invest in a brand new ICO.

Benis Fartman
Bitcoin's price is going ultimately going to zero: Benissa's price is going ultimately going to zero: The Fartman Letter. Keep waiting, Benis, and keep spreading the FUD

Is dimoncoin already listedin exchanger?

Dimoncoin listed on CoinCodex now, Follow the price and add us to your watchlist here: 

How can I see more information about Dimoncoin?

you can see more information about dimoncoin on site below :

Heni amarin