ENVION ( Highest ROI crypto infrastructure )

What is Envion ?

Envion is an innovative Swiss-based blockchain startup from Berlin, Germany, that delivers smart, patented and ultimately scalable off-grid solutions that maximize the value of renewable and traditional energy worldwide.

How  does envion work?

The physical prerequisite for most blockchain applications is the globally distributed network of "miners" who provide the hardware for the energy-intensive calculations of algorithms securing blockchain transactions. Mining depends on easy and scalable access to low-cost electricity - a bottleneck in a market that will grow from $2 to $20bn USD over the next five years. Making the most out of unused renewable and other energy sources.

Monetizing Overcapacities
Accessing unused overcapacities of renewables allows us to reach the world's lowest electricity-price mix.

Investment with unprecedented Returns
Thanks to our fixed re-investment strategy, investors profit from exponentially growing revenues.

Creating a WIN-WIN-WIN
1. Decentralizing Blockchain. 
2. Realizing the potential of feed-in revenues for power plants worldwide
3. Direct participation of investors and token holders in this success.

Beating traditional mining operations
Exclusivity of patent rights: Unprecedented mobility, versatility and scalability secure access the lowest price worldwide.

We have developed a global smart control network that performs real-time optimizations and monitoring for local mining units

Real-Time Monitoring
Environment data, mining and application performance for various cryptocurrencies & other use-cases.

Real-Time Connection
Connected to electricity exchange, real-time pricing information and cryptocurrency exchange.

Continuous Prediction
Selection of best cryptocurrencies & use-cases per MMU. Optimization of hardware lifecycles.

Real-Time Optimization
Optimizes weight given to primary / secondary cryptocurrency (dual-mining).

How about ICO ?

The EVN token is an ERC-20 standard-based Ethereum token. EVN tokens grant their holders the right to:
1.  receive 100% of the earnings of our proprietary mining operations in two steps:
  -75% payed out immediately
  -25% reinvested to boost future payouts
2.  receive 35% of envion's earnings from mining by third-party operations 
3. voting and veto in mportant decisions of the company's strategy. Tokens will be offered for 31 days, starting on December 15th, 2017 and ending on January 14th, 2018. EVN ICO is conducted by envion - the first mobile - mining solution in the world targeting energy at its very source. The offering will be open to the global public.Restrictions apply for residents of Germany and US-based investors.

>> Token Issue Volume max. 150 millionstokens not distributed shall not be generated .
>> Token Price at Issue 1 USDd, 
>> dstribution 83% token holders,10% founder team
5% envion AG as reserve

2% bounty program
>> Website www.envion.org
>> Accepted form of payment BTC, ETH, credit cards
>> ICO Start Date December 15, 2017, 12 PM GMT
>> ICO End Date January 14, 2018, 11:59 PM GMT
>> Discounts time period token price
15.12 (12PM GMT) - 17.12 (11:59:59 GMT) $ 0.70
17.12 (12PM GMT) - 21.12 (11:59:59 GMT) $ 0.80
21.12 (12PM GMT) - 28.12 (11:59:59 GMT) $ 0.90
28.12 (12PM GMT) - 14.01 (11:59:59 PM GMT) $ 1.00
>> Token Issue Date January 15, 2018, 12 PM GMT
>> Use of proceeds 91% Investment in Mobile Mining Units (MMUs) 9% Research & Development and Administration

EVN Tokens are based on the ERC20 protocol, which determines that up to 150 million tokens will be issued with a nominal price of $ 1. The final allocation is set up as follows:
83% of investors
• 10% founders
• 5% envion company, e.g. for the remuneration of a dvisors, etc.
• 2% bounty program

Any tokens not allocated to investors, the founders or the company will not be created. In other words the maximum token number can never exceed 150 million, whereas investors participate with 83% or a maximum of 124,500,000 tokens, founders participate with 10% or a maximum of 15,000,000 tokens and the envion company holds 7% or a maximum of 10,500,000 tokens (e.g. for the remuneration of advisors). The tokens carry voting rights. From time to time, when envion has to take strategic decisions regarding mining operations, the company will bring these decisions to a vote with token holders who have the right to veto the company's proposals. A voting process will be installed based on the EVN token's smart contract. The tokens carry the right to receive dividends from the mining operation. Dividends are calculated solely on the basis of the net profit of the mining operation. They are not based on the envion's profit and loss statement (P & L), which might carry risks not related to the mining business.

What is envion's vision?
Envion's believe that system innovation is imperative in order for cryptocurrencies to gain mass acceptance. We believe that future mining operations need to be decentralized to reduce their dependency on regulations from single government, powerful individuals, and fossil or nuclear energy. Future crypto-mining operations need to reduce the systemic risks that result from being bound to certain coins or mining pools. Thus, envion strives to hand the decisive power back to the crypto-community. It must be possible for individuals to take part in crypto-mining without tremendous investments in hardware and technology. Besides broad ownership of mining operations, envion strives to involve the community in making decisions about key mining decisions. We therefore strive to reduce the hurdles for larger audiences to take part in the crypto-community. By offering anyone the ability to take part in securing the future of the blockchain technology, envion is laying the foundation for the future of crypto mining by designing highly mobile low-maintenance mining units and by offering our community the right to vote for mining locations and for coin choices.

How's envion's software infrastructure ?

Envion main goals for the envion software are reliability, modularity, maintainability and security. Due to the physical separation of the different hardware components, the system is split into various software components running on many devices. Therefore we have software components for the mining workers and the automated supportive components. We have developedmore software running on a server system inside the MMU, called Unified Unit Control (UUC). The UUC is aggregating and controlling all information from control systems and workers inside the MMU. On top of the UUC is a cloud-based application called Unified Mining Cloud (UMC). The UMC aggregates information from UUCs and allows access to the system via multiple frontends. Frontends can be web-based applications or, in the future, mobile applications. To meet these requirements, all
communication between the system is based on RESTful APIs

1. overview about system architecture

2. Component Overview of Unified Unit Control.

3. Unified Unit Control

4.Unified Mining Cloud. Worldwide connection of MMUs via the cloud.

5. Smart mining clusters. The UMC decides which coin is best to mine based on different conditionsto ensure the best ROI.

6. Communication Architecture. Dataflow between the different tiers.

7. Adding Data to ESB. MMUs add data to the data pool for storage (dotted line) and pull data
from the data pool (solid lines) and sign the resulting blocks (lower right). Signed blocks are appended tothe global ESB.

8. CompartmentInterconnection. Communication between UMC, UUC and compartments with the UUC. All compartments are separated.

9. Update cycle of a compartment. As long as not all checks are passed the original compartmentremains active (green)

HARDWARE ASSESSMENT AND CATEGORIZATION : The assessment and categorization of mining hardware, especially GPUs, has been applied to a broad variety of products, including those which are not considered to be suitable for mining by popular belief. Now, this popular belief does not account for aspects that are crucial when scaling a mining operation to a high level, for instance
price-energy consumption ratios, supply availability, cooling, robustness of components, product lifespan, or maintenance intensity. Also, most openly available assessments of a specific GPU's energy consumption merely focus on Thermal Design Power, and thus the maximal performance the chip can deliver, meaning that benchmarks are usually done in idle- or full-performance states, neither of which applies to GPU mining. This, however, is not satisfactory for large-scale mining operations, which require a careful planning of power balances to assure low maintenance requirements. Therefore, envion decided to build an in-house testing laboratory for hardware benchmarking and has developed a technique to measure the output energy at all in-output locations
of any GPU. These measurements flow into an assessment matrix, which computes the efficiency and eligibility of the component in question. This method gives envion a competitive advantage, because envion can react to supply and demand with high adaptability Hardware assessment furthermore includes measuring hashing power. There are quite a few points which have to be taken into account as a GPU's hashing power depends on several aspects like the possibility to manipulate memory timings, for instance, which is dependent on the memory manufacturer and has a great influence on hashing power.


Matthias Woestmann
Entrepreneurs, investors & media professionals. Founder & CEO of energy-focused investment holding. Co-financed € 300M solar company.

Felix Krusenbaum
Entrepreneur, strategy consultant, IT professional. More than 10 years experience of industry & top management consulting at A.T. Kearney

Jonathan Koch
Senior full-stack software engineer. Over 10 years experience as senior software engineer & team lead, Rocket Internet, Wooga

Jasper Hellmann
High-performance marketer, founded & marketed largest int'l music festival chain and $ 30 million e-commerce startup within 11 months

Seif Mousaied Shieshakly
Co-founder & Managing Partner of Four Principles - an Abdul Latif Jameel Company

Laurent Martin
Strategy, community, and brand identity specialist; 4 years in enterprise marketing in Silicon Valley; music tech startup founder in Berlin; blockchain, AI, and crypto evangelist.

Kay Buksch
12 years full-stack software engineer (Rocket Internet, Groupon, HeavenHr, Auto1), Co-Founder and CTO of Friendsurance, Founder of a software agency.

Nikita Fuchs
Ethereum blockchain & expert for smart contracts. Partner and Blockchain Development at Leiner & Partner.

Jan-Ole Malchow
Specialist with strong academic background; Before turning to academia he served as CTO's Lead-developer and later for more than 10 years. His theoretical background is complemented by experience as a penetration tester.

Prof. Thorsten Grenz
German Top Manager, started at McKinsey, became Partner at the Private Equity Group 3i, responsible for Buyouts, CEO at Veolia, Supervisory Board member of Draeger werk AG and President of the Financial Expert Association of Germany, lectures at The University of Kiel

Prof. Friedbert Pflüger
former German Politician and now Consultant for Multinationals in Political Affairs; served as a Secretary of State in the Ministry for Defense, Director of the European Center for Energy and Resource Security (EUCERS) at King's College, London, Chairman of the German Internet Economy Foundation that promotes the digital agenda in the political space; runs his globally connected consultancy Pflueger International

Prof. Friedbert Pflüger
former German Politician and now Consultant for Multinationals in Political Affairs; served as a Secretary of State in the Ministry for Defense, Director of the European Center for Energy and Resource Security (EUCERS) at King's College, London, Chairman of the German Internet Economy Foundation that promotes the digital agenda in the political space; runs his globally connected consultancy Pflueger International

Emin Mahrt
C-level IT product and engineering manager; blockchain expert and advisor. CPO and Operations Manager to Æternity Blockchain; deep knowledge of smart contracts; early adopter of blockchain and cryptocurrencies in 2012/13.

Moritz Strube
Blockchain expert, Founder and CTO. Experience applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) and risk management in energy markets. Strong Background in tech, math and economics.