What is Loci ?
Loci is Platform for Intellectual Property Discovery & Mining. Loci has built a context based search tool that draws from an expansive database combining a vast array of resources and information provided by inventors directly. By means of blockchain technology the system by inventory by offering immutable proof of intellectual property rights on a global scale. Search results are presented in a comprehensive map of all known patents and relevant information, an interactive, user odifiable, and visually appealing Venn diagram of technologies, inventions, patents and ideas that we call InnVenn.

What is Loci's Mision ?
 Loci's mission is to change the way the world invents and value ideas

The mission encompasses:
* Creation of a revolutionary invention process that enables innovators to better find and claim    their  ideas using blockchain technology
* Utilization of native tokens for the creation, buying and selling of intellectual property and to    become cryptocurrency that will be the standard valuation metric of all intellectual
* Development of commercialization vehicles for development or licensing of inventions
*  Building of a IP bidding marketplace to create an EBay of intellectual property
*  Construction of mechanisms and social networks to incentivize and make development easier
*  Deployment of an innovative economic model that fosters the growth of eco-system inventory

What is Loci's Vision ?
Loci uses blockchain technology to take a concept to market more securely, efficiently and effectively
Loci's vision is to create a global and transparent invention registry system and database was founded on the power of blockchain technology. This can not currently be deemed official registry, but Loci's intent is to work with patent offices over time to streamline their processes. It is worth noting that this has been the plan for the InnVenn system since its inception and the conceptualization of its original patent in 2008. Specifically, the original InnVenn patent described a system for immutable tracking of disclosures but used a different database scheme than blockchain, as blockchain as a technology was not used. The Loci patent details the storage of disclosures in an immutable base, a key trait of blockchain technology. The patent describes a cryptologic security mechanism for distributed disclosure and concept information for ensuring that the database can not be corrupted.

About Loci Token sale : 

Loci envisions a future where innovation is democratized. Individual and small teams of inspired inventors should have equal access to the discovery of new innovation and its economic benefits as any large corporation. The current global invention system is risky, chaotic, expensive, and limits the progress and speed of innovation. Loci has experienced the flaws of this system firsthand while obtaining its own granted patent. Loci's InnVenn platform will revolutionize the intellectual property search and claiming process while drastically cutting down the prohibitive costs for inventors as well as the job of intellectual property researchers, attorneys, and developers far simpler. The billions of dollars wasted each year on unsuccessful R & D can be reinvested into further innovation. With the application of blockchain technology to our platform, we can assure that anyone can defend their rights to their intellectual property. It is with this vision that Loci expects the utilitarian value of LOCIcoin to increase over time. The Loci community will speed up the emergence of new technologies and can empower a new generation of inventors.

Blockchain has added strength and vigor to the technology underlying the Loci platform and has tremendous potential to revolutionize IP on a global scale. The smart contract mechanisms, security models for distributed information, and the immutability of stored data inherent in blockchain are what distinguish the Loci platform. By means of blockchain technology Loci provides a platform that marks the proof of concept on a given date and time. While it is not realistic to believe that government will adopt the larger vision - where a claim may be so fully defined in Loci and recorded
on a blockchain that can be submitted to the PTO automatically and accepted - any time soon, Loci has devised plans to leverage the benefits of this technology and to move the invention process out of the bureaucratic dark ages one step at a time. This plan leverages the 12-month grace period granted by the USPTO for the filing of a patent application following a public disclosure. Consortiums are a grouping of inventions or ideas that may be established by the collaboration and crowdsourcing efforts. The actual inventions or ideas may or may not be related related. Loci's technology and expertise may also help create potential consortiums by recognizing the connectionsbetween disparate fields of interest to create a previously undiscovered technology and product portfolio. For example, if someone created a handheld medical scanner in 2005, then the smartphone is invented in 2007, our algorithms can realize that there is an opportunity to create a smartphone that has a medical scanner built into it for the medical market.

loci's Investment pools provide investment funds to Consortiums. An investment pool is created to contact the inventors, as consortiums, for investing or licensing ideas to other companies. Investment pools are focused, interested in specific startup types or application of technologies. Investment pools can provide various types of licensing deals to be done with consortiums and creates two major effects: First, companies are able to invest in inventions that may have been previously overlooked, reducing corporate R & D costs. Second, inventors can begin to profit from their inventions more quickly without having to raise (or risk) capital to further develop their ideas before they can be sold or licensed. It should be noted that regulation will determine the exact extent and structure to which investment pools may operate. Currently, Loci has been approved to sell investment pools in totality at a "market speculated price."

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