BitBlissCoin (World's 1st E-Commerce, Lending Platform And CryptoBookStore Revolution)


Amazing coin will be coming soon for you,the name is " BitBlissCoin".

BOOKSTORE. You will get the ease with bitblisscoin, the ease is :

1. e-commerce business
2. private payments
3. online business
4. retailing store can speed up its money transaction with both clients and supplier
5. which allows you to save money and even boost your business growth

Do you know, what that's BitBlissCoin?
       BitBlissCoin (BIBC) is a new cryptocurrency designed to change the financial ecosystem by providing multiple investment opportunities with cryptocentric products and cryptocurrency education.

Do you know what profit you can get from bitblisscoin?

Come on invest with bitblisscoin and get many profit from it.  the profit is :

1. Get return on investment after the ICO
2. Earn profit with lending
3. Earn profit with trading
4.Earn profit with staking
5. Earn profit with mining
6. Earn profit with publishing
7. Earn commisions from referal program

Bitbliscoin is very great because not just cryptocurrency, but also many technologies related to bitbliscoin. the other technology related Bitblisscoin :

1.  Blockchain Technology
2.  Decentralised
3.  Peer-To-Peer Network
4. Anonymous
5. Cryptocurrency Education
6. Non-Government Controlled
7. A Platform With Lower Transfer Fees
8. A Platform With Multiple Investment WHAT IS

Bitblisscoin has 3 product, and that is really great for new coin, here is product from bitblisscoin :

1.  BitBlissCoin Investment and ecommerce

on investment and ecommerce, bitblisscoin offers time-efficient and convenient payment methods such as payment to suppliers for goods and services, salaries. 

2.  BitBlissCoin Debit Card

with this BitBlisscoin Debit Card,  to purchase virtually anything with Bitcoin and other Altcoins across the globe, which can be used at any ATM and in shops as an ordinary payment card. Reloadable ,Secure , Low Fees , No Hassle

3. BitBlissCoin Crypto Bookstore

knowledge of cryptocurrency needs to be developed, and the existence of altscoin bookstore is great for adding knowledge about cryptocurrency. 

BitBlissCoin Specification  :

Coin Name                                     BitBlissCoin
Abbreviation                                  BIBC
Coin Algorithm/Type Scrypt         POW/POS
Total Coin Supply                          38,500,000 BIBC
ICO Coin Supply                           12,400,000
Total POW Block                           2,500,000
Coin Base Maturity                        20 Blocks
POW Block Reward                       55 BIBC
Number of Confirmations              4
POS Interest                                   10%
Block spacing                                 2 minutes
Minimum Stake Age                      15 Days
Maximum Stake Age                      90 Days

BitBlissCoin wallet

BitBlissCoin wallet make easy people to make transaction, there are the 3 types wallet from BitBlisscoin :

1.  Web Wallet 

2. Dekstop Wallet   

3.  Mobile Wallet 

BitBlissCoin  ICO

Bitblisscoin is  the Most Ambitious Lending & eCommerce project of 2018, and coin offering to raise sufficient funds for longterm development.

Coin distribution 

ICO dates and exchanges rate



And then is bounty with  allocation 900,000 BitBlisscoin.

come on invest now because BitBlisscoin  :
1 Limited Offer
2 Constant Demand
3 Huge return on Investment

Afilliate Program from BitBlissCoin

Affiliate program is a great way to expand our BitBliss Coin user base and investor community.  you will get bonuses from it. You will get bonus according to the level of the program. here is a list of levels and bonuses

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