FuzeX (Credit,Debit,Cryptocurrency)

Welcome Crypto Lovers....
I Have good news for you, now there is present cryptocurrency from FuzeX, you can invest with buying FXT token. if you are still confused with fuzeX, please read this blog until completion. but ,on my blog it just explained a bit about fuzeX. 

What is FuzeX ?
fuzex is a payment innovation that uses blockchain technology,Credit,Debit,Cryptocurrency, and reward payments at your fingertips.

in building project, of course FuzeX has a vision, and fuzeX vision " The FuzeX Team strives to make all forms of currency payment (fiat, rewards and cryptocurrencies) secure, reliable and User/Merchant friendly "

FuzeX has 3 ecosystem, ecosystem fuzex is :

*. The FuzeX Card 
Good Innovation from FuzeX Card because features of FuzeX card is very GREAT . The FuzeX Card has many the features of the Fuze Card with additional benefits multi-cryptocurrency integration FuzeX Cards are identical in size and thickness a standard credit or debit card and consists of EMV chips, dynamic magnetic stripes, a E-Paper Display (EPD), three input / option buttons, rechargeable battery and charging.,it's good teknology for payment card.

*. The FuzeX Wallet
As a transaction system using blockchain technology, Fuzex creates its own wallet for FXT and can be accessed via mobile application. this makes  easy for people to transact. 

*. The FuzeX Exchange
 Fuzex Exchange is useful for as FXT token exchange. FuzeX goal is to allow users to spend cryptocurrency on their FuzeX Card as they would do on any regular credit card, and for Merchants to receive fiat currencies (USD, Euro, Yen and any other local currencies) as they currently do.

FuzeX is the future of Payment because of :

About FXT and Token Distribution :

Token Sale Event : 60 % (During the Token Private Sale, Pre-Sale and Token Sale, tokens will be distributed to the public.)

Advisors & Partnerships : 5% (To ensure proper growth, FuzeX will invite seasoned professionals with depth and breadth in the appropriate industries to serve as Advisors and establish partnerships.)

Bounty & Donations:5% (Tokens will be allocated for bounty and blockchain industry donations.)

Technology Acquisitio :  15% (Technology Acquisition for FuzeX Ecosystem)

FuzeX Founders and Employees : 15% (To further align FuzeX employees with the success of the FuzeX Ecosystem, Founders and Employees will be partially compensated with FuzeX Tokens.

Roadmap of FuzeX : 

2018, Q1
 Establish partnerships with Issuers and Exchanges (Multiple Regions) 
Complete development of FuzeX Card (Prototype)

2018, Q2
Integrate the FuzeX Wallet with partner exchanges 
Receive certification from payment networks (e.g. Visa or MasterCard) 
FuzeX Card (Beta), FuzeX Wallet (Beta) with Bitcoin & Ethereum integration 
FuzeX Card and FuzeX Wallet Beta Test

2018, Q3
Commercial launch of FuzeX Card and Wallet
 Integrate additional cryptocurrencies 
Launch partnerships for co-branding

2018, Q4
Integrate additional cryptocurrencies

2019, Q1
 Acquire additional financial licenses  
 Launch FuzeX Bio (with biometric fingerprint verification)
 Launch FuzeX Wallet 2.0

2019, Q2
Acquire additional financial licenses