GB Systems (A single global decentralized Ethereum and Blockchain platform)


welcome crypto lovers.....
now present a great innovation, called GBcoin from GB Systems. This innovation use blockchain technology,i'm sure many people know about blockchain technology. which technology make easy for people in transaction and investment. And i will explain a little bit about what is GBCoin.

What is GB Systems ?
GB is A single global decentralized Ethereum and Blockchain platform to service clients in the international banking system. GB is very great system because Our GB system consists of several banks located in the EU region, Russia is also a bank in the United States, and also soon will open the ranks of us will join the bank from China. 

Come on invest now, Because GBCoin has many features and very GREAT ... 

What is features of GBCoin?
*. Grande Finance (Russia) : Plastic cards Visa, MasterCard, Union Investment deposits, Deposit account. Insurance. Credit. Charity foundation

*.  Grande Bank (Europe) : Plastic cards Visa, MasterCard, Union. Investment deposits. Deposit account. Insurance. Car loans. Mortgage lending. Consumer lending. Charity foundation.

*. GB Network a regulyator on release bank cards : Visa, MasterCard, Union pay. Multicards Marketing Network direction.

*. GBCharity Foundation : Help children, disabled, elderly, needy young family, mothers alone and fathers alone.

*. GB-Fund : Venture fund Work on trust management Finance, on deposit account.

*. GBMarkets : The exchange of cryptocurrencies with TOP20 of world cryptocurrencies.

*. GB Wallet : Cold purse for storage of means: Cryptocurrency, Dollar, Euro, Rub, GBP.

About Token and sale :
If you want invest in GBCoin, you must invest now and get big bonus. and dont miss out later. because GBCoin is GREAT,GREAT, and GREAT. In January, 2018 GB will enter on the GBCoin (GBCN) market on the cryptoexchange which can be purchased in GB system. This token will be legalized by means of all necessary procedures as Stock security of our financial system GB Grande Bank, GB Grande Finance, GB Markets, GB Network, GB Social, GB Trade, GB Fund, GB Royal Polo Club, GB Port Russia. 

Start of sale ( 30.12.17)
Complete sale tokens ( 01.01.18 - 01.05.18)
Exchange rate   ( 0.04 ETH)
Minimum purpose  ($300000000)
The accepted currencies ( ETH, BTC)
Maximum purpose ( $600000000)
Tokens for sale ( 20 000 000)
The start the price is over 1 token ( 25 USD)

To see all  systems you can visit link below :
All system on one picture. It is the international system which will allow each person to be the leader in the life and to hold success.


Igor Narkevich
Creator GB Systems

Denis Derkach
Co-owner of GB Network and Adviser of GB Systems Founder of Bitcoin School

Rinat Abrarov
Co-owner and managing director GB Network and Adviser GB Systems

Alexander Kuleshov
The managing director across the Siberian Federal District GB Grande Finance

Nikolay Boltarezov
Head of office GB Grande Finance

Elena Urman
Business marketing specialist GB Systems

Tatyana Makovetskaya
Manager on to document flow GB Grande Finance

Anna Lis
Art. human resources manager 
GB Grande Bank in Spain

Evgenia Dubrovskaya
The business partner of GB Grande Finance,
the office manager in Sochi

Vitaly Maslennikov
Business partner of GB Systems
on the system of loyalty GoTravel in Russia

Frederika Mashevskaya
Art. Development manager
GB Systems

Nadezhda Romanchenko
The managing director on personnel
GB Grande Finance

Stanislav Sokolov
The office manager to Blagoveshchensk and PR manager.

Dmitry Narkevich
Advertizing director
GB Systems

Stanislav Galanin
IT Head
GB Systems

Anton Erashov
Business partner of GB Systems 
on development of cryptocurrencies