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blockchain technology has become global now, and many platforms use this technology. and now comes the innovation from smartvalley. what is that? i will give a little explanation about smartvalley to you.

what is SmartValley ?
smartvalley is Powerful project assessment tools, a global expert community,secure ICO investments using blockchain technology.

what is SmartValley Mission ?

Smartvalley mision is to create a digital valley of innovations and help the most promising projects survive and realize their potential. To achieve that, Smartvalley plan to use infrastructural advantages and growth points, as well as powerful tools to connect project, investors, experts, service providers, incubators, and other market participants.

smartvalley has many function, the function is :

* a unique automated solution 
*.  including financial potential
*.  blockchain functionality
*. legal aspects
*.  founders’ background, etc.
*.  resulting in a decentralized
*.  reliable
* .multidimensional assessment
*. Expert evaluation eliminates the risk of scams
*. available to investors
*. legalization
*.  smart contract
*. Tokens can be traded
*. ensure transparency a
*.security of payments. etc

smartvalley provides benefits to token owners,for who are the benefits?
benefit will be given to:
*Investor : Surely every project will provide benefits for investors. smartvalley will benefit investors because it is the main goal
* Founder : without the idea of the founder, then smartvaley will not exist, therefore the benefits will be given to the founder
* experts : then benefit will be given to experts

Market overview of smartvalley :
* Overview of Venture Capital markets
* ICO as a new standard in investments
* ICO as a source of rapid returns for investors

Statement of the problems of smartvalley :
*. Key issues encountered by investors
*. SMART Valley as a solution for investors
*. Key issues encountered by project developers
*. SMART Valley as a solution for project developers
*. Key issues encountered by experts
*. SMART Valley as a solution for experts
*. Additional information on the advantages of DLT for the SMART Valley ecosystem

Ecosystem of SmartValley :
*. investors,
*. projects
*. experts and service providers.

scoring system of smartvalley :
*. The scoring process 
*. The payment methods for scoring

project risk of SmartValley :
*. Online vulnerability and the user’s dependence on technology
*. Risk of the user’s login data being loss
*. Personal information disclosure
*. Risk of smart contract flaws
*. Legal risks
*. Risk on insufficient sales of SMART Valley services
*. Force majeure
*. Risk of token price volatility
*. Risk of project failure
*. SVT tokens are not an investment tool
*. SVT tokens do not give their holders any property, distribution, control or management rights

to run the project, of course smartvalley has a roadmap. here is the smartvalley roadmap :

June 2017
Forming the core of the team

July 2017 
Development of the project architecture 

August 2017
Draft White paper

September 2017 
Development of the ecosystem prototype 

October 2017
Start of the legal authorization process 

November 2017
Road show begins

December 2017
Scoring System demo version. Final White Paper 

December 2017

January 2018
Entering into partner agreements with market participants 

February 2018
Involvement of experts, investors, projects, specialists for the platform 

March 2018
Token generation event 

April 2018 
Public beta-testing of Smart Valley

April 2018
Public beta-testing of Smart Valley

October 2018
Full launch 




  1. SMARTVALLEY IS good innovation for the future, give benefits, and make good solutions for investor.


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