The LIX Platform (crowdfunding and decentralized asset platform)


welcome crypto lovers....

the game world is everywhere, do you like games?
I'm sure you like the game because you have opened my blog. what game do you like? mobile? or web? whatever it is, about the game, you can get on "The LIX Platform". 

What is The LIX Platform ?
the lix is a gaming platform where platform develops games that are safe, convenient, innovative, and decentralized. are you gamer ? please read this blog to increase your knowledge about gaming.

If you are interested in games, then lix is the platform that suit for you , because:
the LIX's aims will be to democratize the gaming industry by helping independent developers break free from these constraints, thereby ensuring that the gaming industry can reach the diversity and entertainment value expected of the digital future. LIX will not only provide a faster and more convenient micro-transaction game-currency but will also provide for a full gaming infrastructure and economy to be used by publishers, studios and independent developers alike

Explanation about the LIX :

 The LIX "the gaming market"
many people who love gaming and gaming market are spreading everywhere, especially technology is so thriving now that LIX has an innovation to develop games using the blockchain system. and gamers can play games and also become a game investor.

The LIX " Exchange wallet"
as a platform using the blockchain system, the LIX creates an exchange wallet to make it easier for gamers to buy, sell, exchange their coins via exchange wallet.

The LIX  "Protocol"
Fixed supply 
(In-game items or rare collectible items.)
Renewable supply 
(Consumable items like foods and resources)
Fee to issue assets
 (At launch, 2 LIX coins.)
Assets supply
(Fixed and unfixed.)
Assets data
 (Hash storage, memo ID, and text data.)

The LIX "Specification"
Coin name (LIX Coin)
Ticker (LIX)
Algo (LPOS)
Supplay (100,000,000)
Full Nodes (10,000)

About Platform :

*Time-Stamped Asset
*Game third party payment with conten providers
*DRM for publisher
*online store

About marketing :

Escrow :


Key Partners
*Content providers and developers
*Game Developers
*Game Publishers
*Content Creators
*Media Content Providers

Key Activities
*Publish games compatible with LIX platform
*Publish LIX Games
*Game Merchandise

Key Resources
*DRM contents
*Advertising Revenue
*In-Game Purchase
*Service Subscription

Clients Segments
*Multimedia content providers and any development section
*Content Providers
*VR publishers


Co-Founder ,CEO , Yogesh Panjabi
Co-Founder Chief of Marketing ,Gaitchs Gangmei
Co-Founder CTO , Alessandro Sanino
Co-Founder - Chief of Community , Adarsh Singh
Senior Consultant , Saint Kamei
Head of Marketing , Miguel Azevedo
Lead Graphic Designer , João Vicente
Project Manager , Jason Chadwick

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