YourBlock (Blockchain based comparison and incentivised personal data storage platform)


welcome crypto lovers...
i have good news for you, now present new cryptocurrency called YourBlock with the token name is YBK, do you like invest in cryptocurrency ? YourBlock is good idea for invest,because YourBlock features is very good.  i will give a little explanation about YourBlock and YBK token.

What is YourBlok ?
YourBlock is Blockchain based comparison and incentivised personal data .storage platform.blockchain technology is now widespread, many companies use blockchain technology for their payment systems. and now there is  cryptocurrency called yourBlock and looked very promising

YourBlock is very good because of :

*. Secure

Your Privacy will safety because YourBlock will store the consumers’ personal and sensitive data on its own private Blockchain. YourBlock will “anchor” to the public Ethereum Blockchain to prove/achieve immutability.

*. GDPR Compliant

you do not have to worry because YourBlock: Automatic compliance with the new GDPR data protection rules. it is will make safety in your invest.

*. Consumer Control

YourBlock has Your privacy will be safe because YourBlock, Private Blockchain, linked to Public Blockchaincontrol which Allows both business and consumer to operate with total transparency. and make succes because there is control for consumer.

COME ON INVEST IN YOURBLOCK NOW, BECAUSE YOURBLOCK is enables the consumer to securely store, control and manage their data.

*. Privacy

Your privacy will be safe because YourBlock is Private Blockchain, linked to Public Blockchain.

*. Built For Business

YourBlock Offering service providers a secure platform to upload their pricing and underwriting matrix. so this can build a business. 

*. Smart Contract
As a company which uses blockchain technology, YourBlock certainly has a Smart contract, Smart contracts between the consumer and service providers completed on the Blockchain, achieving immutability and data integrity.

*. Data Integrity

YourBlock helps the consumer to provides up to date and accurate information to service providers/suppliers. Allowing them to quote with a higher level of accuracy and lower risk factor

*. YBK token
YBK token is YourBlock investment token for discounts on products and services, and awarded upon completion of transactions. Let's Invest now and buy YBK token.

About Token and sale:

Total token supply  ( 200 Million (200,000,000) YBK tokens)
30% of YBK tokens sold to public in the token sale.
YBK Value ( €0.50)
Hard Cap ( €30 Million)
Soft Cap (€5 Million)
Pre sale start (December 18th 2017 at 12:00 midday – €10 Million)
Discount on Pre Sale YBK tokens up to 40% – Lock in periods will apply
Pre sale end (February 12th 2018 at 11:00 am)
Main sale start date (February 12th 2018 at 12:00 midday)
Main sale end date (March 26th 2018 at 12:00 midday)


Daniel Antcliff  (CEO and Founder)

David Antcliff (CFO)

Ben Antcliff (CMO)

Peter Young (Legal Counsel)

Rob Mazik (COM)

Mat Brazier ( Senior Data Analyst)

Matthew Waters (CISO)

Simon Hewlett ( CTO)

Jamie Greenwood ( CIO)

Richard Stringer ( Business Development Manager)

Richard Earl (Marketing Strategist)

Dan Goldberg (Senior Product Manager)

George Higginson (Insurance and Compliance Expert)

Andy Hague (Cyber Security & Storage Expert)