ALTTEX (a digital platform with a decentralized exchange, personalized crypto-messenger and a Smart Safe)

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I have good news for you, now present Cryptocurrecny called ALTTEX using blockchain technology, make easy people to trading, because ALLTEX is a digital platform with a decentralized exchange, personalized crypto-messenger and a Smart Safe. It enables users network and collaborate on the go through messenger. 

You can invest in ALTTEX and get benefits from it in the future, with ALTTEX you can purchase Cryptocurrency at the click of a button, using only your bank card details. The exchange platform is designed especially for mobile devices and features Face ID and Touch ID technology for added security.
With ALTTEX, you can chat with your friends because there is crypto-messenger feature allows you to keep in touch with all your contacts, anytime, anywhere. Start a private chat or create public groups and channels, and even add items within the application and sell them for any cryptocurrency. 


Of course because ALTTEX is very easy,make your cryptocurrency simple, trading,chat,Altsafe,you can get it in one platform.  These functions enable users to use different cryptocurrency for payment with minimal commissions eciently. Our multicurrency wallets is able to hold different cryptocurrency. Users will be able to divide their savings and be updated on their account information. There will also be opportunities to make outgoing calls to any telephone numbers, using AltMessenger

Timeline of Activities of ALTTEX :

*. Basic Exchange Development
*. Basic Development of the Alttex Messenger
*. Basic Smart Safe Development
*. Creating the Alttex Consortium and ICO launch
*. Launch of a full-fledged Alttex exchange
*. Run full-fledged Alt Messenger and Smart Safe

ALTTEX goal is "to create a unique platform, which combines advanced technologies based on blockchain and tools for attracting and preserving crypto assets."

What the advantages from ALTTEX ? there are three advantages ,the advantages of Altsafe, Altmessenger & Crypto Exchange is : 

*. Multifunctional and multitasking;
*. Minimize the costs of using digital currencies;
*. Compatible with all kinds of modern mobile devices;
*. Easy to use, convenient and intuitive interface;
*. The best usability of UX applications;
*. The speed of transactions;
*. An expanded set of functions;
*. The most modern levels of protection;
*. Ability to carry out transactions both anonymously and after completion of verification;
*. The system of automatic learning;
*. Professional support service.

Crypto exchange, Alttex, has several advantages:
*. decentralized, which means that the system is secure and prevents the exchange from being hacked and hacker DDoS-attacks.

*. security system is reliable: all data is secured with Touch ID, Face ID, Pin-code system, which you will receive in your email, with the system of allowed IP addresses and two ranges of authentication.

*. it is designed to trade with mobile devices based on iOS, Android and Windows Mobile.

*. implemented the convenience of trade from a mobile device and the user can control the entire process with easily with a single finger.

*. the fact that each user, in spite of his location, will be able to replenish the balance for the purchase of any cryptocurrency with his credit or debit card is unique.

*. a simple, fast and a secure verification system: for buying cryptocurrency with money from your credit or debit card by connecting your card to the account instantaneously. All you need to do is to take a selfie with a card from both sides through a special technology AltScanner.

*. gives its users the option of selecting several debit crypto cards, (Xapo and others) that are issued which can be easily replenished on the exchange. This will allow you to withdraw money with minimum commission.

*. intermediaries are excluded from the process, the transaction is carried out directly.

*. an alternative use of the 0x protocol, which was developed specifically for decentralized exchanges

*. there are no additional commissions, for example, for the issuance of a deferred or completed order. The commission for replenishment of balance is lower than the cost of 1 minute of telephone conversation abroad.

*. the data of the user’s transactions are not stored in one place which is why no central organization will be able to collect their data

*. high transaction speed: more than 100 000 transactions per second

AltMessenger performs the following functions :

Communicative function. Crypto messenger Alttex allows not only to maintain communication for personal and commercial purposes, but also has many other useful functions.

Multicurrency wallet. This crypto messenger gives users the opportunity to store different cryptocurrency and exchange it. Multicurrency wallets have intuitive interface

Trading platform. A special tab of the Custom Store will allow you to buy your favorite product and convert currencies. Also, any user will be able to sell their goods. Purchase and sale transactions will be conducted without the participation of intermediaries, directly, without additional commissions.

Entertainment. Multimedia applications will make your leisure time interesting. There will be genres for all and then Chat rooms. There will be an opportunity to create chats in the messenger.

The advantages of AltSafe :
*. high degree of safety. This is a "flexible" wallet, which includes the advantages of the "hot" and "cold" purses
*. the ability to monitor and be aware of your own balance in real time
*. multicurrency: it allows you to store different cryptocurrency and conduct various transactions with it. You can choose any currency in your wallet and it will be displayed in a simple graph for the current period. You will find out how much you earned during this time period: (day, week, month, year, all the time). Also, you can see the ratio of BTC and USD to your entire balance or selected cryptocurrencies.
*. it is a mobile application for all types of devices, which is also decentralized. All data is in the cloud and can be displayed on the screen of your device.
*. you can add new wallets and easily transfer money to them. Each time, a new wallet will be generated for security purposes.
*. also there will be every news from the cryptocurrency market in the application.
*. after the release of the application, we’ll start to create a physical crypto safe (similar to a flash drive (example - TRezo
*. you can easily transfer money from the exchange to the safe and back (Of course, you can’t use those amounts that you put for online deposits till a certain date).

Features and benefits of the platform :
*. Blockchain technology : Blockchain is a kind of aggregate of certain records that are included in blocks. These blocks are connected with each other by means of cryptographic verification. Blockchain is a digital safe that stores the truth, which is agreed with all network members
*. Decentralization : The basis for the Alttex platform is a decentralized network where each user is
part of Alttex's blockchain. The full responsibility for carrying out the transaction is assigned to the Alttex network block, while all reporting on the transactions is stored in encrypted user, same as bitcoin. To increase the transaction speed, the Altx token uses the DPoS consensus algorithm. This means that participants transfer responsibility for verifying a particular transaction to selected delegates (nodes with the largest capital)

About token, sale, and distribution :

supply will be 50.000.000 token
symbol ALTX
Maximum to start on the Pre Sale $ 500,000.
Price $0,5-$1




Benjamin Theobald,Ambassador Advisor Latin America
Michiel Triebert,Ambassador Advisor Europe
Anthony Hogan,Advisor Coordinator
Simon Zenios,Legal Advisor
Vladimir Nikitin,Director Law Department
Rodi Park,1st Block Chief Consulting
Joswell Valdez,CEO PocketSpace
Thierry De Gorter,P.M Core.Tech.Chain
Scott Douglas,Founder - –°
Shivakant Tripath,Digital Marketing Manager
Gary D. Kucher,Greece Growth Group
Bill Shevlin,AR / VR Blockchain Company