CashBag (The cash Back Cryptocurrency)

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I have good news for you,now present cryptocurrency from cashbag, you can buy the product use its cryptocurrency and you can invest also.CashBag is more than just a rewards website, it’s a tool that helps savvy, savings conscious shoppers earn cash back and secure discounts on just about any online purchase. It’s used by active online shoppers, businesses and just about anyone that’s interested in saving when shopping online. 

Why Cashbag ?

Of course because CashBag is good innovation, you can buy, book, etc just use your gadget and your desktop, easy to acces it. and cashbag has many merchant. CashBag has partnered with hundreds of global merchants and continues to onboard new merchants daily. These merchants all agree to share revenue based on transactional income generated by CashBag online shoppers. Through our direct & network integrations with the merchants we’re able to report transactions in real-time and accrue cash back savings for our members

 What you can do with the token ?

Pay for advertising on cashbag : Merchants and advertisers offering services and products on CashBag can pay their advertising fees using CBC. Advertising is paid in tokens and the token sale early adopters are guaranteed their US$ equivalent token value in advertising services in their local market.

Earning Incentivies: CashBag members earn CBC each time they transact via the CashBag platform and purchase from a participating merchant. Initially, for every $1 or local market equivalent earned in cash back rewards the consumer will earn an additional 10% bonus ($0.10) in CBC. 

Gamifications / reward : Members may earn CBC for acting on and sharing curated advertising content ranging from news stories to videos, movie or product launches. On our platform, the end user benefits directly from viewing and engaging the content and is no longer considered just a product, but becomes an active participant in the transaction process.

Wallet : CashBag members can request / send CBC between members and pay for services on the platform. The wallet is ERC20 compliant so funds can be transferred out of our ecosystem and used in other wallets.

Trading the token : The token can be freely traded, exchanged and sold. CashBag will honor the crowd sale issued tokens for advertising services at the guaranteed discount rate through the smart contract rules. The token will trade on multiple exchanges and as an ERC20 compliant token may be stored in any compliant wallet and used for purchases.

Sending token/ makingmoney : The token can be used to send tokens to CashBag members or make payments through smart contracts initiated by users on the CashBag platform and beyond. 

Debit Card : The addition of a linked VISA / Mastercard debit card will enable members to transact globally, using CBC to purchase at real world merchants, withdraw cash and instantaneously
access their funds using just in time (JIT) funding.

Cashbag technology is blockchain, and the token based ethereum.  Ethereum is an open source, blockchain-based, distributed computing platform oriented towards smart contracts. Effectively, Ethereum is a distributed virtual machine that allows end users to construct smart contracts for transactions. Smart contracts are stateful applications stored in the Ethereum blockchain.

What advertiser can do with CashBag ?

Using token to buy advertising inventory : Ad inventory is available in various formats including but
not limited to Product Listings; Merchant Store Listings; Display Advertising; Location Based advertising; Coupon Redemption

Product / store listing : In this relationship and advertiser integrates their ecommerce or physical in-store Point-Of-Sale solution to credit members who purchase using either a member referral link (pre-coded to identify the member), a uniquely identifying coupon or the linked debit card.

In app and web advertising : In this relationship merchants can reach consenting members with targeted advertising, relevant to their prolife, interests and needs.

Location based advertising : In this relationship merchants can reach consenting members with location geo-fenced notices delivered via mobile devices, relevant to their interests and needs.

About token , sale , and distribution :

Token will issue a total of 367,000,000 tokens. 
A maximum of 120,000,000 will be sold at 1 ETH:6000 tokens.
The Sale Period will begin on 12 March 2018 and continue until either  120,000,000 tokens are sold or  30 days from token sale launch.


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