Docademic (healthcare service platform)

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Health is very important and everyone wants be healthy we must keep our  healthy and keep healthy lifestyle. now has been present cryptocurrency called DOCADEMIC,  is a single globally-sourced healthcare service platform for the public that begins with free Human Doctor-AI assisted Video Telemedicine service (DOCADEMIC app) already in use in 20 countries by thousands of users and an associated suite of AI assisted tools and social network for the medical community (Docademic for Doctors). You can invest in docademic and get benefits fromit in the future.

You can consultant your health use application, it is easy way., application is built on top of Docademic´s existing, patient data routing and AI assisted technologies soon to be blockchain enabled. With its simplicity of use It becomes the ultimate resource for anyone who needs orientation in a health-related issue—a one touch system that connects any patient with a Doctor through Video Telemedicine for free, from any country a user is located in.

You can get information about your health directly, because docademic has  social network offers Ongoing Medical education, Patient referrals, Tools for doctors everyday practice, and Real Time Reporting of epidemiological data for our clients and researchers.

Docademic is  Intelligent medical assistance engine,offers an easy to use interface that aggregates the services of artificial intelligence’s various analytical benefits and assists Human Doctors who are present 24 hours a day into a single highly userfriendly application, allowing users to solicit medical assistance in the place and time of one’s choice as well as follow up on treatments they receive and take and share their health record through blockchain with doctors of their choosing.

Docademic use three technology :
1. User matching Engine (UME)
2. Cross diagnosis HUMAN-AI Engine (CDHAIE)
3. Smart patient Routing (SPR)

Invest in Docademic, and get benefits from it. the benefits of user of docademic :

*. Reduction of Counterparty Risk: DOCTOR users of the DOCADEMIC Platform will rest assured that the information available is compliant with regulators. DOCADEMIC is regulated in the United States of America

*. Increase in Efficiency: DOCADEMIC Platform´s Doctor users will be able to update their knowledge of other treatments without having to search for the world´s medical journals directly. Journal updates will be done via DOCADEMIC´s real time posting technology, and should be instant for Doctors as soon as the articles are published

*. More Accurate diagnosis for their patients: Doctor Users of the Docademic Platform will have the ability to view and select diagnosis suggested by the integrated AI, derived from the different official clinical guides. This will allow Doctors to better take advantage of inefficiencies in the sometimes-slow integration of recent developments in treatments in the healthcare system

Docademic  is "Direct Market Access "
users of the DOCADEMIC Platform will be able to purchase consumables, place orders of home delivery of medication, buy equipment for their practice, and keep an eye on all new products and services offered in medicine 24/7.

Data Management
Part of Docademic integration strategy has been to colocate our health services with those of other health institutions, by offering sofware integration as a standard part of our service—and in many cases further than HL7 standard requirements—to health institutions.

Crypto Token Credit 
Crypto Credit facility to users to leverage their existing balances for enhanced purchasing opportunities. Crypto Credit facility allows Doctor users to borrow using MTC Crypto Token as collateral. For example, when buying equipment for their practice. MEDICAL TOKEN CURRENCY (MTC) can also be used by patients as collateral for purchasing certain products or services in the DOCADEMIC marketplace. 

Real Time Reporting 
users will have access to customized patient activity statements, to view detailed information about their patient’s treatments including progress, previous treatments, most common medication taken, and more.

Docademic has other service :
*. Geo-Location System 
*. Automated Follow up of treatments

As blockchain platform,of course MTC token has the function, MTC has three function :
*.  can pay for products and services on all our platforms;
*.  As the currency that interacts with the blockchain docademic stores patient and healthcare data in.
*.  As a tradable Crypto Token on the open market.

MTC holders can use value in return for :
* . Medical prescription transaction fees and referral commission Fees

-Direct Access to healthcare products and services

*. Other Services
-Direct population Health monitor
-Automated targeted health messaging system
-Advertising Tools for the healthcare industry


Token Name ( Medical Token Currency)
Symbol  (MTC)
Issuance Amount (1,000,000,000 MTC )
Token Sale Price Token Sale Price
1 MTC = 0.000035 ETH
Minimum Purchase 0.01 ETH
Particulars ERC-20 Ethereum-Based Token
Maximum Token Offered to public 350,000,000 MTC
Use of Proceeds Section 4.4

Hardcap 2,100 ETH
Softcap 525 ETH
Date From February 5 00:00 UTC-6
to February 28 23:59 UTC-6


 The Docademic BLOCKCHAIN will have the following features
*. Node Management (Region Restrictions)
*. Healthcare Service Features 

Individual and institutional investors :
*. Access to Great Technology 
*. Access to the worlds health services and products. 
*. Reduced Risk 
*. Access to Professional-Grade Services 

DOCADEMIC’s management team has worked at the following companies and institutions :
*. Healthcare Institutions: ISSSTE, Stanford Research Institute, COFEPRIS, Astra Zeneca, Nestle Pharma, Carnot Laboratories
*.  Internet and Technology: NETMARK, IPN
*. Others: SEP, Televisa

Compliance and security :
*. Access Control.
*. Cryptography.
*. Information Security Governance and Risk Management.
*. Legal Regulations, Investigations and Compliance.
*. Operations Security.
*. Physical and Environmental Security.
*. Security Architecture and Design.
*. Telecommunications and Network Security. 


CEO,Charles Nader
COOIsao Hojyo
CTO,Arturo Diaz
CFO,Alejandro Meza
Lead Developer and Software architect,Enrique Hernandez
Lead UI/UX Designer,Dan Razo
Lead Mobile Developer,Erik Altamirano
Lead Front End Developer,Siddharta Naranjo
Lead Backend Developer,Oscar Nava
Comunity Manager,Laila Gebara
Fiscal and Tax advisor,Jose Luis Molina


Yves Savoir
Chris yeh
Sergio del valle
Oswaldo trava
sergio ullowa
james sower