Flogmall (International e-commerce site)

Hello, Welcome to my blog....
I have good news for you, now present technology blockchain called FLOGmall. FLOGmall is blockchain technology based ethereum and the token name Is MLC, You can invest in FLOGmall  and get benefits from in the future. I will give a a little axplanation about FLOGmall.

What is FLOGmall ?
FLOGmall is an international e-commerce site created for users from all over the world, who sell and buy various products and services with tokens. you can invest in Flogmall and get benefits from it, flogmall looked promissing project beause flogmall present since 2011. and now flogmall make ML token use blockchain technology based ethereum.



For Customer :
*. Exchange of tokens for goods and services of mass consumption.
*.Access to goods and services from around the world.
*. Unique video platform with live stores.
*. Payment with any altcoins.
*. Honest information on each seller.
*. Cashback and discounts for tokens
*. Secure purchases using a smart contract.

For sellers :
*. Access to customers from all over the world.
*. Saving on commissions of payment systems.
*. Own live store on the finished platform.
*. Prompt start of sales.
*. Wide opportunities for promotion through bloggers.
*. Free area with minimum rates for additional services.
*.  Access to a new, growing audience of holders of tokens with high solvency.
*. Equal opportunities for all types of sellers at the initial stage of placement on the        FLOGmall resource.

For ico participants :
*. Possible benefits after starting the project with ATES (after the English Automatic Token Exchange Service - Automatic token exchange service).
*. Scheduled floatation of Mallcoin token on popular cryptocurrency exchanges.
*. Hedging of risks.
*. Benefit up to 80% for site services.

For cryptocurrency Holders and miners:
*. Ability to buy and sell goods/services for more than 1800 different altcoins.
*. Stimulating the growth of most altcoins by exchanging goods/services with tokens.

For traders :
*. Formation of the capitalization of the token before entering the crypto-exchange exchanges. We create a conditional entry point greater than zero.
*. Stimulating the growth of the exchange rate of the token on exchanges due to the need for tokens on the site itself.
*. Market pricing of the token rate.

For Enthusiasts :
*. Thanks to the exchange of goods and services of general consumption for cryptocurrency exchanges, additional interest is created to this market by ordinary users, who are still buying goods and services with fiat money.
*. Formation of a new category of users who will use the cryptocurrency mainly for the exchange of goods and services.
*. Attracting attention to the industry. Cryptopenetration into society.
*. Changing the paradigm of thinking: from fiat to cryptocurrency one.
*. Failure of fiat money in favor of the endless liquidity of the cryptocurrency.

Opportunities of flogmall :
For costumers :
*.Exchange of cryptocurrency for First Marketed Consumer Goods (FMCG) and Services
*.Access to goods and services from around the world
*.Transparent and safe purchases
*.Payment by any altcoins
*.Fair information on each seller
*.Real, detailed responses on each of the products
*.Cashback and discounts for internal cryptocurrency
*.Secure purchases using a smart contract
*.Simple navigation on offers of sellers
*.Convenient display of prices with reference to Fiat/Cryptocurrency
*.Purchase of goods/services with cryptocurrency WITHOUT 
*.Sellers Moderation
*.Multilingual communication
*.The role of the community in the development of FLOGmall

For professional sellers and retailers :
*. Access to customers from all over the world
*. Economy on commissions of payment systems
*.Own live store on the finished platform
*.Quick start of sales
*.Promotion through bloggers
*.Free site with minimum charges for additional services
*.A range of additional services for professionals.
*.Access to a new, evolving market of cryptoholders with a highly solvent audience
*.Equal starting opportunities for all types of sellers
*.Multi-language communication
*.The role of the community in the site development
*.Advanced analytics
*.Extensive platform support
*.Seller’s anonymity

for private sellers :
*.Sell goods, which for years are "dusted" in the closet
*.Simple placement of ads

for ICO participants:
*.The increase in the token value after the launch of the siteds
*.Mallcoin token release to exchanges
*.Hedging the risks
*.Discount up to 80% on site services

Token and distribution :
The preSale stage will take place on flogmall platform 
Period: from December 14 to January 14. 
Soft cap: 500 000$. The selling rate of Mallcoin 1 ETH ( 6000 MLC)
Hard cap: 1 000 000$

Pre-ICO will take place on flogmall platform and on the crowdfunding platform. 
Period: from 22 February to 8 March, 2018. 
Soft cap: 2 500 000$. The selling rate of Mallcoin 1 ETH ( 3000 MLC)
Hard cap: 5 000 000$

ICO will take place on flogmall platform. 
Period: from 22 March to 12 April, 2018. 
Soft cap: 5 000 000$. The selling rate of Mallcoin 1 ETH ( 2000 MLC )
Hard cap: 18 000 000$ 
In the ICO, you can participate with both Ethereum and Bitcoin.

Risk factors :
*.Dependence on the computer infrastructure
*.Limitations of the smart contract
*.Legal risks
*.Sales tax and other taxes
*.Force Majeure
*.The price for Mallcoin tokens

Features of flogmall :
*.Millions of offers
*.Sream-video sale
*.Personal ads
*.Pay with most convenient Cryptocurrency
*.Live stores
*.Best offers
*.Convenient navigation for users
*.Conventional catalogues
*.The price of the goods in Altcoin
*.Similar offers
*.Quick photo and video overview
*.Detailed description of the product


Aleksey Khayrutdinov,Founder and CEO

Alexey Belov,Co-Founder and CFO

Maksim Teleshev,Co-Founder and PR

Alexander Zalogin,Co-Founder and CMO

Simpat Vatyan,Co-Founder and PR

Vladimir Popov,STO and it-lawyer

Arthur Lipatov,Community director

Vladislav Egorov,Head of the Development Department

Daniil Nagikh,Back-end developer

Timophey Nakhai,Back-end developer

Sergey Zubov,Front-end developer

Vladimir Molchanov,Lead marketing manager

Alexander Timoshchuk,Project team project manager

Vladislav Osadchy,Community manager

Maryna Chobotova,SMM-manager

Snezhana Grigorieva,Community manager

Anastasia Zvereva,PR-manager

Nikolay Bogdanov,Interpreter-translator

Irakly Gagnidze,Photographer

Valery Kabanov,Community in China

Aleksey Serbul,Head of Marketing Department

Julia Arkhipenko,Leading Designer