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I have good news for you, now present technology called PrirityEx. PriorityEx is blockchain technology and the token name Is PX, You can invest in PriorityEX and get benefits from in the future. I will give a a little axplanation about PriorytEx.

What is PriorityEx ?
PriorityEx is The first Cryptocurrency exchange that prioritizes customer first approach  Making cryptocurrency trading, earning, storing and spending convenient for everyone.  Focusing on South East Asia market and emerging market. You can invest in PriorityEx and get Benefits from it. 

Why PriorityEx?
Every project has a reason why make it, and priorityEx has solves problem.what solves problem of priorityEx? please read this blog until complete.Because PriorityEx strive to offer the user access to as large as possible a range of blockchain assets at a maximum degree of convenience, while adhering to the highest security standards in the ecosystem. 

PriorityEx is Quick Order Matching, Fast Placement, Order Match, Order Removal & Changes in existing orders ensuring fastest transactions

PriorityEx is Universal Support, PriorityEx will have support in 15+ languages, to cover the most of the global population.

PriorityEx is Fiat Currency Support, Top most fiat currency deposit and withdrawal support will be there in PriorityEx.


As investor, im sure you want know whats the profit if invest in PriorityEx. the profit is : 

PYX rebate, every trade complete, traders will earn some rebate to collect as a reward. Traders can choose to reduce fees or spend for big rewards eg. giftcard, vacation, and many more

PYX afiliate ,If you refer anyone to trade with PriorityEx you will earn affiliate commission for 2 level as long as your referral do trading, which will be 20% and 10% from commission earned by PYX

PYX Token holder,Each PYX's holder will be entitled to 25% of net transaction revenue. This will automatically paid out to PYX holder in amounts based on each holder's share of the total amount which will pay monthly so that our token holder can earn passive income

PYX Token destroy, 20% of net transaction revenue will be use to burn out PYX token from the market at the market price every quarter to make sure that PYX token price will keep increasing in value

Reasons why priorityEx? many problem in exchange, about securty, deposit,withdraw, service, etc. that's why priorityEx make innovation bacause of many problem in exchange

*. Difculties of Real-time Trading
*. Security Issues
*. Only Limited FIAT Currencies Are Supported
*. Lack of Multilingual Support
*. Slow Customer Services and KYC Process
*. .Low Liquidity of ICO Tokens

COME ON INVEST IN PRIORITY EX BECUSE PRIORITYEX will Support many countires such Thailand, Malaysia, HongKong, China, Cambodia, Laos, Africa, Australia, Korea, Vietnam, Burma and will be expanding to more countries.

What the Features of PriorityEx?

Trading Fees Rebate, PriorityEx trading fees for spot trading will be reduced when more volumes are traded and not only that. Those volumes will be calculated towards monthly rebate for customer which will help maximize the profits for traders.

 Offline Multisig Wallet,all kinds of cryptocurrencies that is deposited on the PriorityEx platform will be stored in an offline Multisig wallet with only 5% left on traders online wallet, allowing faster user deposits and withdrawals.

Two-Factor Authentication Enforcement, PriorityEx enforces two-factor authentication (2FA) to enable a secure and robot free log in. Withdrawal or any modifcation to the account will require an extra email confirmation to protect accounts of the users.

Wide Range of Fiat Currencies Supported, PriorityEx will support a wide range of  fiat currencies. Users are able to use their preferred fiat currencies to make deposit or withdrawals. Fiat currencies supported by PriorityEx are thus: USD, EUR, THB, RM, KRW, HKD, CNY, CAD, GBP, AUD, NTD, MMK, LAK, KHR, RIEL, DONG.

Multilingual Cryptocurrency Trading Exchange, PriorityEx will be supporting at least 8 languages which are: Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, English, Burmease, Cambodia, Vietnam, Lao

Online Customer Services 24/7, PriorityEx provides 24/7 online customer service. All inquiries submitted will be taken care of within 24hours. Our goal is to prioritize customers firrst for our excellent service.

 Fast KYC Process, PriorityEx will enforce KYC processes to comply with AML laws. We provide fast approvals and user-friendly services

P2P Exchange, PriorityEx provides cryptocurrency trading pair with fiat through our representatives in each country with P2P services, fast and reliable with insurance guaranteed. With us the representatives can convert any cryptocurrencies to fiat currencies of your choice
Trading Platform, Trading platform will be compatible through website and through mobile application both on iOS and Android.

What is business model of PriorityEx?

South East Asia and ASEAN Countries,PriorityEx will focus more on countries that has high potential because some of the countries have only 1 or none of the trading exchange which will have a very big opportunity for us to take the market-shares. Therefore, there are so much more market-share for us

 Wallet and payment services, PriorityEx aims to provide customers most convenient ways to use cryptocurrency in real life. Any currency in cryptocurrency wallet will be able to be spent around the world through debit card or used for payment method for bill payments

Rebate Program, In this phase traders will be able to earn rebate back from their total trading volumes. Traders can use their rebate volumes to claim a whole lot of prizes. Examples of prizes are: gift cards, cash, vacation etc

Affliate program, will stimulate the growth of the platform. Not only customer will get their trading rebate but the affliate will also earn from the trading volume. The more volume enter into our trading platform, the more liquidity which will draw more customers to us

What's about ICO ?
PriorityEx's token symbol  “PYX”. PYX tokens are based on Ethereum ERC20 token. standards. A total of 55,000,000 PYX tokens will be issued.
PRE-ICO starts on January 1th, 2018 -January 31st, 2018
ICO starts on February 1st, 2018 - March 31th, 2018. 
Accepted : BTC, BCH, ETH

For those who possess PYX token throughout the month will also receive payment on monthly basis no matter if they are sponsors of ICO or not.
20% of all revenue generated net profit by PriorityEx will be used towards profit sharing program and will also used to burn out PYX token from the market at the market price every quarter to make sure that PYX token price keeps increasing in value.
All funds received from the ICO will be used for the development of PriorityEx cryptocurrency trading platform


Kantima Sirirat,Co-Founder,CEO
Tinnaphon,Sunthon Co-Founder,Chief Strategic Advisor
Pattarasak Piromchayavanich Co-Founder, Business Development
Teeramate Sintuwongsanon Co-Founder, Business Development
Prapassorn Jariya Co-Founder,CMO
Vipasanee Vimolpatranon Co-Founder,CTO
Natthanate Pisanthanawong,Project Coordinator
Narudol Pechsook Advisor, Founder
Eam Seng Say,HongKong Legal AdvisoR
Stefan Bekassy De Bekas,Financial Advisor
20+ Team Members
Our Expertise Specialists working
in the IT, Finance, Marketing
& Communication, Product
Development and Others