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I have  good news for you, now present cryptocurrency the name is VectorZilla,  What is VectorZilla ? VectorZilla is world first blockchain based deep-learning driven royalty-free stock graphics platform and marketplace. you can invest in vectorzilla and get benefits in the future, VectorZilla is transparent market-place, all subscribers get graphics at affordable rates, contributors, content creators will get best rates in the industry. 

Why VectorZilla?
Of course because vectorzilla is World’s First Blockchain Based AI Driven Stock Graphics Platform and good platform with many features.  what the features of vectorzilla ?

Content Library : VectorZilla aims to launch with one million self-owned stock graphics files valued over 25 million USD, VZ will inevitably raise the value of tokens released during ICO;,owned by each contributor and subscriber

White Label Solutions : Sophisticated and highly usable API (search, preview, download, edit, save, publish, reports, etc.), and white-label  solutions to selected partners.

Multiplatform Application : Multi-platform applications will be available for graphic editing and publishing.

Blockchain : Blockchain based storage for all critical data, information, and files. VZ will use Ethereum (ERC 20 Token) as standard. Decentralized ledger and multiple security levels guarantee transparency and openness at all stages of VectorZilla platform and marketplace transactions, between contributors, customers and partners. Every participant in the ecosystem gets his fair share, ease of transaction & instant payment

Marketplace : Marketplace for contributors to sell their graphics on VZ at best rates with great level of transparency.

API for partner : VectorZilla partners can use API to offer our library and services on their platform. VectorZilla will provide REST (and GraphQL) API for all features (search, preview, download, edit, save, publish, reports, etc.)

Deep Learning AI : The search engine will use deep-learning (AI) to provide highly relevant contextual search results, hence increased user efficiency, experience and happiness leading to more conversion and sales.

Apps and Plugins : Apps, plugins and extensions for popular software (Adobe Illustrator, Sketch, WordPress, Shopify, Magento, etc.) to enable millions of users (designers, publishers, marketers, etc.) use VZ content

Graphics Editing suit Innovative suite of online graphic design and publishing tool. These set of tools will allow users to be able to do most (or more) than Desktop Publishing tools. Users will be able to edit (change text, colors, crop, apply filters, and much more), and publish to variety of targets (CMS, CRM, Blogging, E-Commerce Platforms, and many more).

The demand for royalty-free, low-priced stock graphics will keep growing at a very high rate for following reasons:

- The digital revolution2 has been created a shift from traditional print publication to online versions of digital images in the last one decade.

-A large number of traditional businesses are increasingly using the internet, establishing their online presence via websites or social media, digital marketing, communication, customer support, customer interaction, and more; each company requires high-quality and creative graphics. Thus, the demand for RM (royalty-managed) and RF images is growing more than ever before.

-The exponential growth of the internet and social media platforms has led to the creation of small-scale enterprises that have business models completely based on the internet and social networks. These businesses too require high-quality graphics for low royalties.

-The number of internet users on social media is drastically increasing, which also leads to greater demand for creative graphic images by individuals.

The Problem and Solution 

- Users find it very difficult to get the stock images they require due to high prices. Sometimes a pack of 5 images costs from USD $50 up to USD $300 per image, while subscriptions start at USD $100/month and can be as much as USD $500/month or even more on popular platforms and solution for this problem  VectorZilla will offer rock bottom prices (per file or subscription) because it owns a huge library of over one million graphics; it doesn’t have to pay any fee to any other party for these files.

-Users have to download files from microstock platforms on computer. Rather having any other alternate option to store on cloud storage. the solution  VectorZilla will provide the option to download files, save them in a choice of cloud storage, or save them in VectorZilla’s distributed cloud storage(for a small fee)

-Users have to use complex tools for editing downloaded files and publishing them and the solution VectorZilla will provide advanced graphic design and publishing tools (beyond desktop publishing or online tools).

-Most stock image platforms don’t provide usable APIs and white label solutions to partners (companies, merchandizers, etc.) and the solution VectorZilla will provide sophisticated and highly usable API (search, preview, download, edit, save, publish, reports, etc.), and White Label (branding, integration) solutions to selected partners. 

-  Many stock image platforms keep a lot of the license fee (up to 70%) and pay very little to actual contributors (actual owner of the file).VectorZilla will only keep 15% and pass on most of the fee to contributors

-Current stock image platforms don’t provide enough transparency in license sales and revenue reporting to contributors. and the solution VectorZilla aims to leverage blockchain technology to bring maximum transparency in all of these areas (license sales, revenues, revenue sharing, etc.) and
provide almost real-time reports to contributors on license sales and earnings

-Current stock image platforms disburse payments to contributors only once a month and the solution VectorZilla aims to leverage blockchain technology to pay contributors in real-time with tokens (VZT).

Target audience of VectorZilla

 About token , sale and distribution :

Token Price   1 ETH = 1000 VZT

Minimum transaction amount  0.10 ETH

Maximum supply  100,000,000 VZT

Available for purchase –75,000,000 VZT

Emission rate new coins will ever be created

Accepted currencies  All major cryptocurrencies inculding ETH, BTC, LTC, XRP, Waves, etc. Shortly we will be accepting Fiat currencies.

Coin distribution  Contract will distribute VZT 
to ERC20 compatible wallet in 48 hours of Token Sale.


Tier 1  Upto 1500 ETH
1 ETH = 1000 VZT + 25% Angel Bonus (1250 VZT)

Tier 2  1501 ETH To 5000 ETH
1 ETH = 1000 VZT + 15% Angel Bonus (1150 VZT)

Pre-Sale Minimum Funding Goal  200 ETH

Maximum supply (hard cap)  5,000 ETH

Pre-Sale period  Jan 15th to Feb 20th 2018


Maximum supply (hard cap)  69,000 ETH

ICO Sale period To Be Announced

Tier 1  Upto 5000 ETH
1 ETH = 1000 VZT + 10% Bonus (1100 VZT)

Tier 2  5,001 ETH To 10,000 ETH
1 ETH = 1000 VZT + 06% Bonus (1060 VZT)

Tier 3  10,001 ETH To 25,000 ETH
1 ETH = 1000 VZT + 03% Bonus (1030 VZT)

Remaining Tokens
1 ETH = 1000 VZT

Total of 100 Million VectorZilla Tokens (VZT) will be issued, 75% token will be distributed in Crowdsale (Pre-Sale, Main Sale & Bonus), 2% to cover token-sale cost and remaining 23% token will be reserved for distribution (to advisors, founders, contributors on marketplace and others) to maintain participation and balance in the ecosystem


Abdul Qaiyoom,Co-Founder & CEO
Abdul Qab,Co-Founder & CTO
Max Garza III,COO & Partner
Joseph Gallo,CFO
A Qavi,CIO & Chief Strategy Officer
Shivani Pandey,Product Manager
Ravi Mehrotra,Blockchain Specialist & Full Stack Developer
Trapta Vist,Frontend Developer
Abhishek Prakash,Sr. UI/UX Designer
Prateek Gupta,Sr. Graphic Designer
Prakriti Agarwal,Associate Illustrator


Jason Butcher,Founder Parallel Payments Ltd, COO
Jit Singh,CIO (Dionysus.Studio)
Matthew Connelly,Digital Marketing Consultant
Dean Anastos,Blockchain Expert
Rohan Khullar,Blockchain Enthusiast, Entrepreneur & Consultant
Vikas Gupta,Chartered Accountant (M.No. - 400416)
Mayank Awasthi,CEO, (Dreamlabz Technologies)
Radha Krishna Pandey,Legal Advisor