Vestarin (Marketplace of goods and services for cryptocurrency)

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I have good news for you, now present technology called Vestarin. Vestarin is blockchain technology and  equi will operate in a transparent and secure ecosystem where everything goes to peer-2-peer. You can invest in Vestarin and get benefits from it in the future. I will give  a little axplanation about Vestarin.

What is Vestarin ?

Vestarin is new innovation used blockchain technolog  for marketplace of goods and services for cryptocurrency and vestarin is a unique chance to develop business in the digital economy without unnecessary costs for paperwork, banks, bureaucracy. you can invest in vestarin and buy the token. 

Mission of Vestarin is the inspiration to change this industry for the better will come to everyone who reads the key idea up to the end and supports it. We already constitute a major community, which only needs to be united on a single platform with maximum capacities.

Why vestarin? because vestarin has problem solving about cryptocurrency. what the problem? 

*. ICO Investment problem
*. Star-up problem
*. Cryptocurrency holder problem
*. languange problem
*. Information problem

Opportunities of Vestarin
Vestarin will give users the opportunity to operate in a transparent and secure ecosystem where everything goes to peer-2-peer. This is a unique chance to develop business in the digital economy without unnecessary costs for paperwork, banks, bureaucracy. 

*.Opportunity of Vestarin for Business such restaurant, sore,service,entertinment,exchanger,ICO,info-source
*. Opportunities for user such To perform payments for goods and services with cryptocurrency,To gather a team to create and launch your project,To communicate and send coins via app CHAT,To invest into ICO with minimum risks.To convert cryptocurrency at reliable exchange points.To join a team for experts.To learn about new blockchain platforms and leading innovations.
*. Opportunity of vestarin for cryptiocurrency Exchange
*. Opportunity of vestarin for chat

Vesatarin is Monetization by smart-contract. The goal of Vestarin is to create a mutually beneficial ecosystem and enable the business to develop.Vestarin will make your business accessible to the whole world, multiplying the number of prospective users at the expense of the aggregated database of users from all over the world.

ICO integration fees ,in the form of VST tokens, which can be purchased in the personal account of the application . In case of refusal activation is impossible, the commission is not collected. After activation, ICO appears on the platform in the “ICO” section packed with all necessary information and documentation.

Exchange point fees,which can beThe owner or representative of the exchange point registers on the platform just as a regular user does. Selects a section: For business > Integration of the exchanger > Fills out an extensive form > Sends an application> The application is moderated and evaluated by platform experts > If approved, the “Activate” button appears, requiring commission fee in the form of VST tokens, purchased in the personal account of the application.

Integrated online-shop profit fees,Users pay for purchases with VST tokens, which they purchase in their personal account. Store owners receive orders and pay in VST tokens, execute them, and the platform automatically charges a commission from the store for purchases made via a smart contract. Users of the platform can leave feedback and evaluate each online store, determining its reputation. Stores with a low reputation will be removed from the integration.

Integrated HoReCa, offline-services and entertainment profit fees,Users of Vestarin will be able to find by geolocation those establishments, restaurants, cafes, hotels, services, entertainment, which are integrated into the platform, and it is justified to pay for services with VST tokens. The main condition for an integrated offline business is to provide users with a cashback platform with a discount that the business owner indicates when integrating

Vestarin is multingualisme,to create a user-friendly interface and to make the information more comprehensive, we solved the problem for you beforehand and decided to make Vestarin a totally multilingual platform. has many languange such English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Hindi, Arabic, Spanish, Czech, German, Portuguese, Russian,Turkish, Italian, French, Polish

Token of Vestarin
Token of vestarin based ethereum platform, tota of emission is 70 400 000.

Pre-ICO will be held From January, 30 to February, 28
Maximum presale quantity
10 500 000 VST
1 ETH = 3000 VST
Aim 2000 ETH
 Limit  3500 ETH

ICO will be held from March 5 up to April 4.
Maximum ICO quantity 47 200 000 VST
hardcap 35000 ETH.unsold token will be burned



Said Radzhabov,Chief Executive Officer

Jana Alieva,Business Development

Alex Strakh,Smart-Contract Developer

Vlad Palamarchuk,Chief Technology Officer

Alina Bondar,Senior Back-End Developer

Max Tishchenko,Back-End Developer

Yuriy Lysytsia,iOS Developer

Evgeniy Borisenko,Legal Support

David Potier,Chief Marketing Officer

Daria Sabinina,Executive Art Director

Max Kravchenko,UX/UI Designer


Wulf Kaal

Simon Cocking

Douglas Lyons

Reinhard Berger

Bojan Oremu┼ż