Xmoneta (Decentralized Encypted messenger for social and business comunication)

Hello Crypto Lovers, Welcome to my blog....
I have good news for you, now present technology called Xmoneta. Xmoneta is blockchain technology and the token name Is XMN, You can invest in Xmoneta and get benefits from in the future. I will give a a little axplanation about Xmoneta.

What is Xmoneta?
Xmoneta is the world's first decentralized Encrypted Messenger for social and business communication based ethereum platform, you can invest in Xmoneta and get benefits from it in the next, for get information well, please read this blog untill complete.


Missin of XMoneta is "Tired of the old-fashioned trends promoted by banks and global corporations we decided to choose another path. A path free of the mass surveillance and the complete control over your thoughts, finances, and life- this is the path of the future. Our goal is to create a universal and completely secure messenger. This new application will be based on Blockchain technology and will give users the opportunity to chat, send messages, make orders, buy goods, trade with people and manage his or her money; Everything within only one app. Our desire to give people exactly this, was how the Xmoneta was born"

Xmoneta goal is " to shape the future of the messaging industry and bring dreams into reality. We offer you the opportunity to chat, send messages, make the orders, buy goods and trade with people, using only one application".

Xmoneta All in one
can create deposits on the blockchain, transfer cryptocurrencies and money to each other on the VISA/MasterCard and/or the crypto wallets. can use your messenger as the wallet for multiple types of currency.

Xmoneta is Secure Comunication
you not worry,because messenger uses secure decentralized protocol for transferring messages This protocol is secured across 

Xmoneta is flexible wallet
manage all the possible tokens within one wallet, without installing different apps for each digital currency.

Xmonta is Availability for every device
available for every type of device and OS, whether Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android or Windows Phone.

Xmoneta is Against centralization
Xmoneta using the Blockchain as the main technology and developing secure, centralization free and completely private messaging application.

Xmoneta for users
user can chatting, messaging, having video calls, sending voicemails, sending emoticons and stickers, booking different services, buying goods and interacting with businesses

Xmoenta for Business
 can use a business account to promote  project and startup, search and attract new subscribers, redirect users from Xmoneta to project/company webpage

Features of Xmoneta:

Xmoneta user can create a virtual wallet, get money on it and withdraw them.

use Xmoneta as a platform for selling goods, as well as buy them.. All the e-shop goods are
categorized and can be rated by users, which makes our market maximum clear, honest and open.

Sell without limits
the customer can use Xmoneta wallet to pay for products. Xmoneta shop is an absolutely autonomous market, which does not need any external sources for existence

E-shop customer service
Xmoneta offers its users the clearest way of communication between the customers and businesses. Xmoneta chat tool seller can collect the data about his or her customer’s habits and customize his content for future campaigns.

Xmoneta Ad Platform
The process of conversion is fast and easy, just one click, and it will be enough to deduct some amount from the account’s  

Businesses can provide their own services at Xmoneta, using chatbots.

Cryptobots can be used as guards, monitoring all the processes within blockchain,he user will be able to contact bots to perform such kind of operations like transfers, currency exchange and so on.

Xmoenta bank
bank supports traditional fiat currencies together with crypto ones like Bitcoin, DASH, NEM, ERC20 and so on. Besides payments and transfers, Xmoneta Bank offers to the partners multiple investment services.Xmoneta Bank uses all the modern banking and Internet-of-things technologies

 Xmoneta Exchange Traded Fund (ETF)
Xmoneta Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) allows you to own the underlying assets of the XMN Tokens.

Cryptocurrency in Xmoneta
Xmoneta offers a unique opportunity to buy and sell digital tokens within the messenger, exchange them and withdraw on credit card or bank account

Xmoneta Monetization, making money by :
 Commission from interbank transfers,
 Commission from Transfers of cryptocurrency inside the Xmoneta wallet, FREE transfers to XMN,
 Commissions for transfers of international and national payment systems (Visa, MasterCard, China UnionPay, American Express, etc.),
 Commission from donations, used by our bloggers and other creative personalities,
 Cash backs from purchases made on our marketplace, circulation of cryptocurrency within the messenger,
 Cash back from offline and online stores for each purchase using the application,
 Commission from paid chats and advertisment.

Xmoneta (XMN) Utility Token
XMN is introduced as a form of decentralized cryptocurrency, which holds the value given by its users and natural laws of the markets. It is utilized as a means of interaction and transaction between the various in-platform activities, services, functions, and users from all around the world 

Xmoneta Card 
debit card allows you to spend your crypto and traditional currencies as well in any place where cards are accepted. 

Quick and easy payments
* POS equipment, allowing merchants to scan special one-time transaction code on the user’s phone. 
*QR code, presented by vendors. The user can scan it to complete payment. 

More users — more tokens
The bigger your contact list, the more funds you will be able to earn, so let your friends, lovers and family members know about Xmoneta. It will be profitable for everyone! So, as you can see, you can get money just by communication with your friends. 

There are public channels, intended for any kind of open project, social issues, groups, and topics. If you want to raise any public question, find right persons for your project or start-up, connect new people or/and companies — public channels are your choice. These type of channels are archived and accessible by search.  also designed channels for more sensitive and personal topics. Private channels are designed to keep all the conversation closed

Access to information
Xmoneta provides easy and fast access to the documents, discussions and any past decision. Every information unit, whether file, notification or message, is indexed within the system and searchable. 

Secure synchronization.
 synchronization does not contain any risks to your privacy and security. All connection between your devices is fully encrypted and possible only in the case when both PC and smartphone are on the same network. 

Offline messenger
can take now your phone in the camp trip, in mountain, forest, tundra or cave, and still have an opportunity to use your Xmoneta messenger, as well as maintain a connection with people

Xmoneta token specification and sale 

Symbol (XMN)
XMN is based on ERC20 Ethereum token standard
XMN issued by Ethereum smart contract
50 % Bonus: 1 ETH = 3000 XMN
40 % Bonus: 1 ETH = 2800 XMN
30 % Bonus: 1 ETH = 2600 XMN
20 % Bonus: 1 ETH = 2400 XMN
10 % Bonus: 1 ETH = 2200 XMN
without Bonus: 1 ETH = 2000 XMN
*XMN Token Sale Pre ICO 5% : 50000000 XMN
*XMN Token Sale ICO 20% : 200000000 XMN
*Milestone: 300 ETH
*ICO Soft cap: 1000 ETH
*Pre ICO cap: 16000 ETH
*ICO raund A cap: 35000 ETH
*ICO raund B cap: 38000 ETH
*Legal qualification: Utility token not a security
*Accepted currencies: ETH , BTC, LTC, FIAT
*GAS limit: 300000
*Minimum Investment: unlimited but recommended: 0.1 ETH
*Amount of tokens per one person: unlimited
*Maximum transaction amount: unlimited
*All unsold tokens will be burned
*Minimum Investment: unlimited but recommended 0.1 ETH
*Amount of tokens per one person: unlimited
*Maximum transaction amount: unlimited
*All unsold tokens will be burned

Aivis Reinbergs,CEO
Austris Eglītis,COO
Miks Brauns,CMO
Aivars Reinbergs,CFO
Krišjānis Jēkabsons,Web designer
Jevgenijs Filippovs,CTO / Developer
Aivis Reinbergs, CEO
Linda Pirvite,Comunity / PR manager
Logan King,Comunity manager
Eduards Jefremovs,Developer
Lauris Pētersons,Marketing strategist
Jūlija Rubcova,Investor relationships,The Advisory board
Mārtiņs Dambis,Advisor
Yigal Shtern,Advisor
Elita Kazaine,Advisor
Dmitry Korotiuk,Advisor