CEYRON (The world leading globally accepted cryptocurrency )

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I have good news for you, now present cryptocurrency called Ceyron. you can invest in ceyron and get benefits in the next, but before invest, you need read this blog until complete to get more information about ceyron. What is Ceyron ? Ceyron is Token Paying Annual Dividend by Debit Card Worldwide. you can invest in ceyron token and get benefits from it in the next. 

why ceyron ? because ceyron :

Simple and quick : You can send Ceyron just as easily as an e-mail. It does not matter where you live in, you can send and receive Ceyron in seconds

Decentralized : We use decentralized blockchain technology, so no centralized third party to trust. Transactions are performed directly between the users

Limited coins :Ceyron will supply only 250 million coins. So prices tend to rise, when demand is high and the number of coins that remain is not increased

What is cey token ? CEY Tokens are functional utility smart contracts within the Fund. CEY Tokens are non-refundable. CEY Tokens are digital tokens that will be issued to the investor and represent beneficial ownership interests in a separate class of non-voting equity shares in Ceyron.

What features of ceyron ? the features of ceyron is :

*. Valuable : The moment you acquire CEY, the world opens to you
*. Ceyron exchange : The dedicated ceyron exchange site allow you to buy and sell your cey and other crypto curerency
*. Spendng while traveling : Your card will always be treated as a local  currency card and you will get perfect intebank exchange rates, whenever you are
*. Anonymous : Anyone can run the wallet and transact with the same anonimity as bitcoin
*. Transfer money easily : just like bitcoin, it can be sent anywhere, whenever and wherever you are.
*. No barries : Send and receive international payment without any third party involvement.

What the problem ?
Low banking rates : 
financial services generally unsafe, impractical and expensive; while the latter only have limited access to credit and innovative savings products. The financial services market has several
shortcomings, the most important are:
*.  Very low levels of financial inclusion
*.  Low development of means of payment

Highly competitive market
The mobile money environment is increasingly competitive in Africa. Over 75% of countries have the majority of services where mobile money services were already available. This increased competition means consumers have more options. Some subscribe to two or three services simultaneously. This competition inevitably pushes providers to continuously improve their value proposition and the quality of their services if they want to win and retain customers.

Very low use rates
for digital finance, the use of these new means of payment is still very uneven. Only 42% of registered customers use their mobile account every 90 days, and customers tend to withdraw their money immediately or make deposits to make transfers only. Less than 10% of customers are shopping with their mobile money and less than 5% with their bank cards.

A timid break through bank card
Prepaid debit cards are used only for shopping and services (rare) with POS. CEY token holders will
have the privilege to receive their annually dividend on their CFL card.

Lack of secure and non secure credit for credit applicants
In Africa, there is a lack of credit available for most applicants. CFL has the intention to resolve this issue. More specifically, the dividends distributed to CEY token holders will enable them to be eligible for credit because the dividends could be considered as one source of income.

Lack of steady and sustainable income for credit applicants
 In Africa, there is a lack of steady and sustainable income when it comes to credit applications.

Solution for problem above :
CFL Credit Portfolio
The Fund will be managed by Colombus Investment Management Ltd. The primary assets are credit
assets purchased from non-bank originators. The assets range from mortgages, second lien mortgages, real estate bridge loans, auto loans, equipment loans and leases, commercial mortgage loans, asset based loans, and factoring contracts.

CEY Card
The CEY Card will be a physical, virtual, and debit MasterCard with mobile application which will allow for the use of twenty (20) foreign currencies from a single card. In the marketplace for similar lifestyle cards, in addition to a per transaction fee, most cards charge a percentage of the market rate of the spread of the currency exchange. Customers who travel to multiple countries with various forms of currency inevitably run into the “Cash Withdrawal Fee” and “Currency Transaction Fee.” These charges are often a percentage of the transaction plus a flat fee, industry-leading fees are between 2.75% - 2.99%.

CFL and the Blockchain
Cryptocurrency was designed as a method for decentralized transactions with value held in scarce digital goods. It appeals most strongly in societies where governments have made their currency worthless through hyper-inflation. Today, fifty percent (50%) of people globally have bank accounts. In 2014, it was sixty-two percent (62%), and cryptocurrencies are taking greater footholds among the unbanked. In the first world, the banking system is designed and regulated to create an international insulation against volatility. While the new boom in cryptocurrency is spawning tremendous value. The U.S. retail banking industry is currently not prepared to provide a fluid exchange mechanism to customers with exposure to this market at present. Investment banking interest, however, is already notable and is steadily growing.

CFL Security Token
CFL is unique in many ways:
(i) CFL intends to provide, but does not guarantee, the token holders with a annually dividend, which must be approved by the Board of Directors and holders of voting shares.
(ii) CFL intends to invest eighty-five percent (85%) of the proceeds received by CFL from this Offering in the Fund, and the Fund in turn will invest in credit assets, thereby seeking to create a stable, growing cash flow yielding base for the CEY Token (Cash flow yields cannot be guaranteed, and may be impacted by both market and regulatory conditions)
(iii) CFL intends to use modest leverage to further enhance the returns from its credit portfolio to facilitate ongoing and continued reinvestment to grow the credit portfolio underpinning  15 the CEY Tokens (Enhanced returns cannot be guaranteed, and may be impacted by both market and regulatory conditions)
(iv) CFL will enhance its ability to establish its credit portfolio with leverage by providing its warehouse lender a credit surety bond.
(v) CFL intends to maintain a cash, securities, and token reserve at all times to ensure liquidity for CEY Token holders (Liquidity of assets cannot be guaranteed, and may be impacted by both market and regulatory conditions).
(vi) CFL will enter into alliances with surety wrap providers that will be used to mitigate risk of total capital loss. However, use of these financial instruments does not constitute a guarantee against any and all eventualities.

Strategic Alliances
CFL’s strategic alliances are established leaders in the field of blockchain technology, finance, and
Coinfirm.io : CFL intends to enter into a service agreement with Coinfirm.io regarding KYC/AML (Anti Money Laundering) checks for each token holder application.

Ambisafe : Ambisafe is a blockchain technology pioneer and ICO offering company helping the world become more decentralized since 2010, the beginnings of cryptocurreny. Their work has been critical on projects such as Tether and Bitfinex. More recently Ambisafe is behind such ICO successes as Polybius, TaaS, and Chronobank. CFL and Ambisafe plan to jointly develop a wallet management tool, which CFL will use to facilitate token holders’ ability to manage their digital wallets.

Loyal Bank :  Loyal Bank is the debit card provider having one of the most competitive fees across
several fiat currencies in the industry

Initial coin offering :
Offering: CEY Token An Ethereum based smart contract digital token representing beneficial ownership in non-voting shares in CEY, which will be held by Loyal Agency & Trust Corp in trust for the holders of the CEY Tokens.

Token Name: Ceyron

Token Symbol: CEY

Contract Address: 0xebc71036a37451e87cc43af8ae7ac123aa750dcb

Decimals: 8

Price Per Token: $1.00 USD per CEY Token

Number of Tokens for Sale: 250,000,000

Start of Token Pre-Sale: 2/16/18

End of Token Pre-Sale: 3/15/18

Pre-Sale Discount: 35%, 25%, 15%, 5%

Start of Token Sale:3/16/18

Soft Cap: 2 Million USD

Hard Cap: 45 Million USD

Start of Bounty Registration: 02/15/2018

End of Token Sale: When Hard cap is reached

Currencies Accepted: BTC, ETH, LTC and USD


VISHAL SAVALIYA, Blockchain & Technology Solutions Head
SUSHUKE YOSHIHARA, Community Development Manager, Japan
ANDREY ROMANOV,Community Development Manager, Russia
YOUNGSHIL YOON,Community Development Manager, South Korea
CHUN HOU LEK,Community Development Manager, Malaysia & China
ZIAUL HOQUE,Community Development Manager, Bangladesh & India
AHMED FAHEM,Community Development Manager, Canada
HASHEM ELABDI,Community Development Manager, Middle East
ARNOLD ADERO,Community Development Manager, East Africa
ITO NZAMBA,Community Development Manager, South Africa
FRECYNET MOUDZANGUI,Community Development Manager, Central Africa
FRANCIS BATIONO,Community Development Manager, West Africa
HAYTHEM SELLAMI, Community Development Manager, North Africa

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