Horizon Communications (Cutting Edge Decentralized Wireless Infrastructure for the Caribbean)

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Do you know guys, network is very important, such internet network such wireless etc. now, present new cryptocurrency called Horizon which use blockchain technology and based ethereum. you can invest in horizon and get benefits in the next. what is horizon communication ? Horizon Communications (Horizon) is a technology driven company that will use next generation, fixed wireless LTE to deliver its service offerings. 

Horizon’s goal is to provide high speed internet (150mbps in 2018 and 300mbps in 2019), high definition Cable TV and VOIP telephone services in areas where customers currently receive poor, unreliable, and overpriced services. 

Why Horizon ?
Of course because horizon is good for network, and every people need network. and now, Horizon plans to launch in its flagship market Bermuda, between mid to late 2018. Horizon will then focus on expansion to Caribbean and Central American countries over the next few years.

Fixed Wireless is an internet industry term to describe the network technology used to connect our customers homes and businesses to a wireless infrastructure that will be owned and operated by Horizon. 

You can invest in HRZN token and get benefit in the next, what that HRZN token ? The Horizon token is a unique, new Ethereum based token built on the blockchain. It is designed to be used to access services, and service discounts within the Horizon ecosystem. It is meant for anyone that wants to benefit from the value induced by a world class service company. Horizon tokens are easily transferrable between token holders using compatible ERC20 wallets and can be traded on exchange(s). In the future, Horizon will offer to buyback tokens from investors. Horizon also intends to use 15 percent of yearly profits to distribute dividends to HRZN Token owners in Ethereum. This percentage is tentative, and Horizon reserves the right to do so based on extenuating conditions.

Horizon use 4G LTE technology, and 4G LTE Technology has a strong history :

*. 3GPP Standards based for 4G LTE-Advanced
*. Technology used throughout the world for over 15 years
*. Over 7.2 billion wireless connections utilize the 3rd Generation Partnership (3GPP) standards
*. Over 1.5 billion 4G LTE connections throughout the world
*. 3GPP Release 13 (Rel-13) further advances 4G LTE towards the 5G standard

Horizon will utilize blockchain technology in a number of different areas:

*.  Payments  ( Accepting payments from customers in cryptocurrency, at a discounted rate compared to fiat currency, so as to help further crypto penetration and acceptance)
*. Payroll ( Paying our employees and contractors in crypto)
*.  Data Storage ( Integrate blockchain technology like Storj or Filecoin into our customer portals to give customers a decentralized file storage solution that is encrypted)
*.  VPN Services ( Working with blockchain VPN solutions like Mysterium or Privatix so that customers have VPN solutions built into their internet service)
*.  Re-invest into the CryptoCommunity ( Horizon aims to re-invest the recommended earnings, under financial advice, into blockchain companies and ICO's that Horizon finds will benefit the company and token buyers.)

Internet Services Available in Bermuda : 

*.  Internet in Bermuda is terribly unreliable and slow
*.  Existing solutions are aging, limited and significant lack of speed
*.  Lack of a single, island wide provider to offer all three services as a bundled package
*.  Businesses, homes and tourists have very expensive options for Cable or Telco services, including Voice, Data and TV
*.  Infrastructure solutions are expensive and difficult to run to customers' property
*.  Outdated distribution network of over 400 miles of copper-based wires, cables and poles
*. Copper and fiber can be heavily damaged from strong winds/ hurricanes and salt corrosion

Horizon Communications Opportunities in the Enterprise Space Horizon intends to strongly enter the Bermuda Telecommunications market in 2018 / 2019. There are very similar Enterprise opportunities throughout the Caribbean and Central America that Horizon will explore as we enter those markets.

*. 90 % of all medium to large businesses and government ministries in Bermuda are in the cloud and must have a reliable connection to the internet

*. These businesses are using many cloud services such as Office 365, Salesforce.com,email, ERP and possibly operational needs such as payroll

*. Bermuda has approximately 1020 business entities with 5 or more employees

*.  Businesses that use the cloud or use on island data centre providers need redundant connectivity from diverse carriers on different mediums(technologies)

*. Carriers in Bermuda are very susceptible to outages due to cuts of cable, fibre, copper, and frequent storm damage, causing power disruptions to major buildings

*. These businesses need a back up plan

*. Horizon Communications will be well positioned to become the provider of choice to send that important data down a different road locally and to the cloud

*. 90% of all SMB, international law firms, banks, hotels and government will have the good fortune of being in the direct line of site a Horizon Communications service distribution point

Horizon Communications sales executives with already strategic relationships in this enterprise environment are positioned to take advantage of our unique ability to offer our service as the redundant connectivity/N+1 of choice.

*. N+1 means your business needs a primary provider plus one redundant system
*. Horizon Communications will provide the best N+1 configuration, with the ability to give multiple pathways back to undersea fiber connections
*. Potentially this market could yield 150 client connections in the first 18 months of operation
*. Estimated average revenue per subscriber of $500-700 per month
*. Annual revenue exceeding $1.2 million
*. This market is currently very poorly serviced by the incumbent providers

Technology deployment
Horizon will deploy a Fixed Wireless Network called Long Term Evolution (LTE),With LTE technology, the same reason you can use your cell phone inside a building with great internet speeds is because of it's ability to handle interference or obstructions. LTE is able to take “multiple paths” back to the tower, bond multiple “channels” of frequencies together and dedicate open channels to specific clients

*. Small and nearly invisible installation on a customer's home
*.  Towers are highly resilient
*. Each with diesel / battery backup
*. Customer Unit is 7 x 6.5 x 1.6 inches & attaches to an exterior wall
*. Outdoor cat5e is run inside to the customers network

Launch Stage – ICO Funding
*. Time: ±1 month from capital infusion
*· Hire team to put together ICO / Token
*· Create / Build full whitepaper, Token Wallet, Token Website etc
*· Marketing of Token to Community
*· Cover initial legal expenses

Phase 1 – First Deployment
*· Time: ± 2 months from capital infusion
*· Get 1st Wireless Tower Operational
*· Bring in initial launch team (3-5)
*· Begin Local Telecom Marketing
*· Install 50 + customers

Phase 2 – Full Deployment in Bermuda
*· Time: ± 9 months after launch
*· Target Government, large businesses (International Business, Law Firms etc), taxi's,delivery services, emergency vehicles etc.

Phase 3 - Company Expansion to other Nations
*· Time: 1-2 years from launch
*· Hire and allocate additional teams for International expansion
*· Expand into other Caribbean islands
*· Expand into Central American countries

Phase 4 - Cell phone provider
*· Time: ±2 years aer launch
*· Obtain and acquire appropriate licensing
*· Ulize our exisng LTE-Advanced infrastructure
*· Expand tower sites to provide beer LTE mobility coverage, where needed

About token and sale

Token distribution

Number of token allocated and tier bonus


GILBERT A. DARRELL,Founder, Horizon Communications

Elizabeth Schaefer,Chief Operating Officer

Ross Barkwell,VP of Business Development 

Anthony Mocklow,Sales and Marketing

Judd Dare,Technology Consultant

Brian Hernandez,Technology Consultant

Paul Benevides,Strategic Advisor

Philip Micallef, Strategic Advisor - Regulatory

James Detlor,Candidate for Chief Executive Officer

Roedolf van der Westhuizen,Financial Consultant

Brian Rodriguez,Business and Crypto Advisor

Yeri Derno,Graphic Designer

Damilare Binutu, Blockchain Consultant

Barry Brewer,Strategic Advisor


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