XYO Network (Decentalized crypto location oracle network)

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Do you like invest in cryptocurrency ? hmm, i think XYO Network it is good idea for you, please read this  blog untill complete to get mor information about XYO XYO Network. What is XYO Network? XYO network is the first decentralized cryptographic-location network built for the world of tomorrow and  the newest breakthrough in blockchain technology and could be bigger than bitcoin and ethereum combined

Why XYO Network ?
Of course because XYO network is decentralized cryptographic-location network and good for future which  makes it possible for smart contracts to access the real world by using the XYO Network's ecosystem of devices to determine if an object is at a specific XY-coordinate. If it is, one can set up applications which execute transactions in the smart contract.

How it Works ?

For Example : To be able to offer this service, the eCommerce company would leverage the XYO Network (which uses XYO Tokens) to write a smart contract. The XYO Network could then track the location of the package being sent to the consumer along every single step of fulfillment; from the warehouse shelf to the shipping courier, all the way into the consumer's house and every location in between. This could enable eCommerce retailers and websites to verify, in a trustless way, that the package not only appeared on the customer's doorstep, but also safely inside their home. Once the package has arrived in the customer's home (defined and verified by a specific XY-Coordinate), the shipment is considered complete and the payment to the vendor gets released. The eCommerce integration of the XYO Network enables the ability to protect the merchant from fraud and ensure consumers only pay for goods that arrive in their home.

XYO its great , because XY,the company behind XYO, has built one of the largest networks of Bluetooth and GPS beacons in the world. For several years, we have quietly developed world-class location protocols necessary to achieving our mission of building a decentralized location network. The XYO Network makes this possible through an ecosystem of crypto-location protocols necessary for the technologies of today, and the world of tomorrow

Buckle up

XYO very great and great, it very good for investment because XYO has the infrastructure in place to build the world's first decentralized location-verification system: starting with over 1 million Bluetooth & GPS devices used by people all around the world. This, together with our breakthroughs in crypto-location technology enables us to bring blockchain to the real world. The XYO Network is poised to do this on a massive and global scale. With over 1 million location-verifying beacons already in the world, XYO is blockchain's first Proof of Location oracle network and a decentralized trade market worth $ 11 trillion dollars.


The need for a difficult-to-disrupt system to complement GPS has been well known for years. GPS is exceptionally accurate and dependable, yet jamming, spoofing, cyber attacks and other forms of interference appear to be growing in frequency and severity. This has the potential for devastating effects on  lives and economic activity


The XYO Network has solution for the problem above. The XYO Network makes trustless location data possible through an ecosystem of crypto-location technologies and protocols necessary for bridging the gap from the world of today, to the world of tomorrow.

For the last several years, the XY has been developing the technologies critical to bringing blockchain to the offline world, in order to make them programmable and accessible to smart contracts. XY now has over 1 million location beacon devices circulating in the world. In just a few years, we’ve created the single largest network of Bluetooth & GPS devices in the world.

About XYO token and sale

Cryptoeconomic incentives for long-term value

Built into the XYO Network’s cryptoeconomics sits ground-breaking tools for incentivizing both XYO Miners (crypto-location miners) and Token Holders (with Token Rebates), which encourage healthy liquidity, low transaction fees and long-term value.

Unsold token will be burned after sale concludes

In order to award those who purchase XYO Tokens during our current Token Sale period, all tokens that are not sold after the Token Generation Event concludes will be burned; thus the tokens one purchases during the sale becomes a finite, scarce resource, which benefits those who purchase tokens during the sale.

Transparent and audited ethereum smart contract

During the Token Generation Event, the XYO Token uses the Ethereum platform’s ERC20 token standard. To ensure a secure purchase of the XYO Tokens, we have retained a third-party firm to test audit our smart contract to comply with best practices

Smart contract platform: Ethereum
Contract Type: ERC20
Token: XYO
Token Name: XYO Network Utility Token
Token Address: 0x55296f69f40ea6d20e478533c15a6b08b654e758
Total issuance: Finite and capped at the amount reached after the Token Main Sale
Amount issued during the main sale: Unlimited
Unsold and Unallocated tokens: Burned after the token sale event. No further XYO
tokens will be generated after the Main Sale ends.
public token sale has a tiered pricing structure that starts at 1 ETH: 100,000 XYO and
maxes out at 1 ETH: 33,333 XYO


Arie Trouw - Founder - Architect
Markus Levin - Co-Founder - Head of Operations
Scott Scheper - Co-Founder - Head of Marketing
Christine Sako - Head of Analytics
Johnny Kolasinski - Head of Media
Jordan Trouw - Customer Experience Manager
Lee Kohse - Sr. Design Engineer
Louie Tajeda - Warehouse Logistics Supervisor
Maria Cornejo - Retail Management Supervisor
Maryann Cummings - Client Support Manager
Patrick Turpin - Hardware QA Supervisor
Vicky Knapp - Sr. Accounting Manager
William Long - Head of Hardware


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