Nebula AI "The Third Generation Blockchain ‒ Decentralized AI Blockchain"

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Technology is growing, and now comes a technology called blockchain where this technology allows people in transactions and can be used as a tool of investment as well. And now I have good news for you cryptocurency lovers, now comes a decentralized blockchain integrated with Artificial Intelligence and an economy share called Nebula AI. 

You can invest in Nebula with buy their token and get benefit in the future, Nebula is good and very promissing for investation. and you can use Nebula services, Nebula AI also allows the GPU miners to contribute their GPU hash power to AI computing power which allow for a variety of AI applications. This invention allows Nebula AI to compete with the pricing of Amazon and Google cloud computing services.

Converting your mining hash power to AI computing power, Building your decentralized AI application faster, Costing 30% less to train your algorithm than Amazon GPU, With the Nebula blockchain, developers can deploy their Artificial Intelligence applications easily on a blockchain platform. The integrated API/SDK and payment services allow the developers to earn revenue based on the AI smart contract. In order to improve the status quo of the current centralized cloud computing, we utilize the decentralization of blockchain technology to rent and distribute the computing power of artificial intelligence machines globally. Blockchain encryption technology efficiently avoids the problem of internal leakage and the maintenance of distributed AI calculation units is handed over to the owners of various AI calculation units, which considerably reduces the workload of maintenance. We split this overall goal into the following sub-goals:Shared AI Computing Platform (The shared AI computing device platform will address the unbalanced demand between consumers and suppliers of AI devices. Suppliers of AI computing devices cannot use 100% of their computing power, which leads to some computing resources being idle. On the other hand, a large number of users who need the computing power of artificial intelligence cannot obtain the economical and efficient AI computing resources. Peer-to-peer payment in blockchain technology, as well as blockchain ledger technology, enable shared AI computing to be paid and shared in the most convenient way). 

AI Physical Computing Units (A large number of GPU computing mining machines can be converted into AI computing units, from simple hash calculation into more meaningful AI task calculation. Due to the particularity of AI calculation, it is necessary to pre-install the specified system and regularly update the client, including the ledger system, in order to play hardware performance better and share AI computing power).Decentralized AI Applications ( Decentralized AI Applications system requires a corresponding interface for DAI App programmers to invoke conveniently and use the platform’s computing power. It includes the payment API, computing capacity estimation API and work estimation API, etc., in order to speed up the development of AI applications.) Integrated IPFS Distributed Storage (Decentralized applications require distributed file storage systems to store data. An option is the IPFS storage system to replace the traditional centralized cloud storage or local file storage, in order to achieve better distributed storage.) AI Engineer Training Center (Nebula AI will establish a systematic artificial intelligence training center to provide practical knowledge in the field of artificial intelligence. Engineers gradually create and train artificial intelligence models in product design through system learning and project operations. We are dedicated to disseminating the latest applications and knowledge in the AI industry and developing and delivering outstanding AI talents. Our mission is to fill the talent gap, give full play to the power of artificial intelligence in business).

Nebula is good project because The NBAI ecosystem consists of two major components, the NBAI foundation  and the NBAI system. The NBAI foundation supports the development, operation, and management of blockchain development platforms, AI joint labs, and engineer training centers. NBAI system integrates the top-level applications such as DAI App, scientific research and application, university education, and the bottom-level of NBAI blockchain, Artificial Intelligence Mining Machine and Artificial Intelligence Data Center. 
Developers provide users with DAI Apps, users pay for NBAI tokens or use Apps for free based on rules set by the developers. Developers submit artificial intelligence tasks to NBAI and pay for NBAI tokens based on NBAI’s estimated costs. Then NBAI will open the tasks and miners are free to receive and handle the tasks from NBAI, they will get the corresponding NBAI token as a reward after completing the tasks. Clients and miners can trade NBAI tokens through the exchange, so as to achieve a complete set of value-added economic systems.

With Nebula AI’s cutting-edge blockchain technology, you are able to focus on key business features. We provide you with on-chain payment, rental computing resources, decentralized service, etc.

Quant AI : Analyzing time series and training deep learning models based on AI algorithm to forecast the real-time trend and implement automatic trading of cryptocurrencies.

Sentiment Analysis : Building natural language processing algorithms on the blockchain allows the user to classify the polarity of a given text and extract the attitude of the writer. All sentences sent on the chain would be recorded.

Writing Recognizion : By using multiple neural networks, Nebula AI receives and recognizes intelligible handwritten inputs such as characters, words, and phrases

NBAI Logical Architecture
The logical structure of NBAI is mainly composed of industry application requirements, developers, DAI App, infrastructure and Nebula AI. Nebula AI provides PaaS (Platform as a Service) and NBAI blockchain. A large number of artificial intelligence development needs in industries such as finance, healthcare and biology have prompted developers to develop DAI Apps for different industry applications, provide solutions by deploying applications and join the Nebula AI ecosystem to generate revenue. Nebula AI will provide a wealth of interfaces and applications for developers.

NBAI system architecture
The system architecture of NBAI is mainly composed of NBAI, developers, users, trading centers, miners and task pools. Nebula AI not only provides a decentralized NBAI blockchain, it also offers the NBAI token exchange center to improve the value exchange in the NBAI ecosystem

About Token and distribution :
The initial release is 6.7 billion tokens.
Public offering is 1 Ethereum = 100,000 NBAI.
ICO softcap: 5,000 Ethereum.
Private placement starts from January 22, 2018, and ends on March 30, 2018
The private placement hardcap: 18,000 Ethereum.
public offering hardcap: 12,000 Ethereum.
Unsold tokens of public offering will be completely destroyed.
45% Sold by the private placement and public offering
25% for the foundation & community
15% For the core team
10% For the early-stage investors
5% For the marketing & Partner supporters


Charles CAO , CEO & Co Founder
Qinhui LIN, Project Manager
Tengke XIONG, AI Architect
YanYan LI, CFO
Lu YAO, AI Engineer
Tong PANG, Blockchain Developer
Kaichen ZHANG, AI Engineer
Richard YAN, Senior Full Stack Developer
Alberto Lacerda, Front End Developer
Chi ZHANG, Back End Developer
Pin ZHOU, Software Developer
Sidi Shen, UI Designer
Alecsa Tabisaura, UI Designer
Mable XU, Executive Assistant & Marketing Coordinator
Jessica Boxerman, Marketing Coordinator
Yan XU, Front End Developer
Mengyuan ZHANG, Developer
Min LIANG, AI Engineer
Zan WANG, AI Engineer
Carlos Gonzalez Oliver, Blockchain Developer


Yan LIU Cloud Computing and Distributed Professor
Zhenhua LIN, AI Advisor
Xun SHI, Blockchain Advisor
Louis Cleroux, Blockchain Expert
Yu GUAN, Blockchain Advisor
Bin ZHU, Cloud Computing Advisor
Adam Allouba, Legal Advisor
Douglas Leahey, Business Development Consultant
Jake Barralet,  Advisor of Internship Mitac


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