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do you like music? and are you a cryptocurrency lover? if you like both, Maestro is a good idea for you because besides being able to use its music service, you can also invest in its token. and how to participate in this platform ? to know about it, please read this blog until complete. 

What is Maestro ? Maestro is a revolutionizing the digital music world, a blockchain-based music streaming platform for artists and listeners, Maestro's goal is to decentralize all areas of service. The Maestro team has reviewed the technology for implementing file transmission, streaming, and other functions using distributed servers. The Maestro System will use a distributed server system called IPFS (The InterPlanetary File System) to transmit streaming files.

Maestro is primarily composed of two parts: "Symphony," the streaming service, and "Ensemble," the crowdfunding center. Artists can raise funds for their project prior to production through Ensemble. After completing the project, they can then distribute their creations and generate revenue through Symphony. The distribution and handling of rights, copyright, and transactions are all transparently executed through Symphony in accordance with data recorded on Maestro's blockchain.

Current problem such a loss for artists , an unfair profit structure, Streaming has changed the way people consume music. Listeners no longer purchase whole albums and instead pay fixed monthly fees to stream music. However, the market's shift of focus from individual music sales to streaming has become problematic as an even more abnormal structure is formed and artists receive even less compensation for their work. Current production process, Production companies receive funding as investment from labels to produce music. As such, they transfer in advance the exclusive rights for distribution. Even if only a portion of the rights is transferred, the artist must only distribute their music through the label. Inadequate structure for new artists the fundamental solution to the music industry's problems does not lie in just securing the rights of the artists. To truly improve artists’ rights, the structure of streaming services, and the profit distribution structure of the industry, we must focus on the primary problem capital.And there are many other problem.

And Maestro give has solutions for problems above such Crowdfunding for Music Production To create an all-encompassing musical ecosystem, Maestro focuses on solving capital problems and providing a stream-based streaming streaming service. Maestro will solve this problem through crowdfunding. Reasonable and Groundbreaking Model for Consumers Maestro's method will bring more benefits to consumers as well. Maestro's services have reasonable pricing policies in which the consumer pays according to the number of songs they have actually streamed. If the consumer does not use any of the services provided, they are not charged. Maestro provides incentives to consumers by allowing reasonable subscription plans based purely on usage.

Every company must have a purpose why they form the platform and not exception with maestro.dan what is the purpose of maestro? 

* Implement blockchain technology for an efficient, future-oriented music service platform. Maestro will implement blockchain technology and use it to progressively develop a decentralized application best suited for the music industry.

* Provide a conducive environment for creating music. Maestro will resolve the most urgent problem of the music industry: the unfair distribution of capital. This problem must be addressed in order to attract and secure a larger user base, including artists.

* Create an environment in which small to medium-scale production companies and emerging artists can reduce their financial burden and retain their rights over their work.

* Help produce high-quality music by implementing the Lean Process. The Lean Process, which focuses on optimizing processes to create the most value out of least resources, first began in the manufacturing industry, but has spread widely to other fields since its introduction

* Allow consumers freedom of choice and create new investment opportunities. Maestro will provide all consumers with opportunities to invest in established, emerging, and yet-to-debut artists. Investors will be guaranteed a fair share of the profits, even if the artists later sell their copyright and distribution rights.

* Provide opportunities for consumers to actively cooperate with artists in promoting projects and to participate in the creative process. Consumers who fund projects through Maestro have an incentive to become their "marketers" and actively participate for the success of their investment. They will become reliable supporters for artists and production companies.

* Provide decentralized, secure services for all customers. Maestro may hold service construction as its immediate objective, but in the long term, Maestro's ultimate goal is service decentralization. We aim to eventually establish a robust structure that distributes all revenue fairly among artists and project token holders.

Overall structural diagram of Maestro

Blockchain-Based 'Music Streaming + Funding' Platform : Maestro is a comprehensive music platform that integrates investment, distribution, and profit realization. Maestro is a blockchain-based platform that is largely comprised of two parts: the crowdfunding service that handles the attraction, investment, allocation, and balancing of accounts for funding, and the streaming service that handles the distribution of music.

Maestro System : The Maestro System is made up of two platforms, Ensemble and Symphony.

Maestro Smart Contracts Maestro's set of smart contracts, along with the contracts for listening and payment for usage of the streaming service, include rights distribution and profit allocation of songs through the funding system.

Symphony: Music Streaming DApp Symphony is the streaming client of Maestro. We at Maestro plan to develop the mobile version of the application after fully developing the web platform.

Ensemble ,crowdfunding center ,ensemble is a crowdfunding decentralized application (DApp) that allows the artist to create projects and raise funds.

Music Storage, In the early stages of service, Maestro will store music through a centralized server for maximum efficiency and fast service performance. In the mature system, all music uploaded to Maestro will be encrypted and stored in distributed storage.

Maestro Token (MAE), The Maestro Token (MAE) is the base currency of Maestro. This token is the payment method for the streaming service and will be listed on the exchange. All payment methods within the service will use Maestro Tokens. Investment profit will also be distributed in Maestro Tokens.

Stake of Music (SOM), stake of Music (SOM) is the proof of rights to creative content given to investors in projects. SOM is initially held by the artist, who can choose to allocate it among investors at the crowdfunding stage.

Maestro Point (MSP), Maestro Points (MSPs) are the influence used for upvotes and downvotes in the Symphony streaming service. MSPs are granted based on the number of Maestro Tokens (MAEs) held, streaming service usage, and SOMs obtained by participating in Ensemble funding.


Hoojong Kim, Standing Advisor
Jongwook Bang, CEO
Taegoo Kang, CTO
Chanyoung Ryu, Blockchain Developer
William Chung, Blockchain Developer 
Harry Hur, Blockchain Developer
Hyung Chang Song, COO
Jung June Kim, Blockchain Analyst
Dongsun Min, CFO
Jiyeon Koh, Marketing Director
Jae Bum Park, Marketing Director
HeeKoan Koo, Marketing Director


Shinsadong Tiger
Smit Purohit
Kaikai Yang
Julia Zhu
Monotree Hwang Hyun
Keuntae Park
Pastel Music Heejung Han
Dongwon Kim
Jung Ho Hyun
Chris Neamonitis

May, 2018 -- Proceed with advanced marketing for artists

June, 2018-- Private sale for investment companies and early adopters ,1st, 2nd ICO

July, 2018-- Sign MOUs with major collaborating companies

November, 2018 -- Listed on the exchange,Release demo version v1.0, Complete 100 artist funding companies led by Maestro

May, 2019--Official launch of Mainnet Platform












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