hello everyone, welcome to my blog and happy reading for you. I want to introduce about Dominium patform. a lot of people in the world, using cryptocurrency for payment, for investment, and each cryptocurrency platform has a difference. and Dominium platform different with other platform also, why ? of course because Dominium has a different solution for people. but before discussing Dominium solution, i want to give a litle explanation about Dominium. What is Dominium ? Dominium is a decentralised, regulated, property financing, property listing, and property management platform. It is an international platform on which regulatory documentation for property funding is standardised and assets are placed on the blockchain alongside property sales, rentals, and management.

Now property value increasing every years and many people invest on property, with dominium you can invest in their cryptocurrency and can acces it easier because Dominium used blockchain technology.

what's the current prablem ? and what's Dominium solutions ?

Many problem accured, because many obstacles and limitations in the global market, about rules, about languange, about Languages and financial barriers also affect the market, making it a lucrative but often inaccessible space. and blockchain technology make people easier to acces market globally, 
and Dominium has solution for this situations, what 's the solutions given by Dominium ?  Dominium solution is By placing property finance, listings and property management on the blockchain and by providing a multi-lingual platform with standardised regulatory compliant documentation, the market is opened to multiple nationalities, affordability levels and listing agents. Real estate finance, management and trade are thus facilitated and simplified.

with dominion every people can acces property easier and can acces property globally, The Dominium platform is built on an Ardor childchain which evolved from the time-tested Nxt blockchain. The Dominium childchain decentralises the trade of assets and places rental agreements, purchase agreements, property management tasks and more on the blockchain. Dominium will obtain the required regulatory licenses to allow standardised legal templates for property funding to be created. This allows companies to create regulatory compliant assets, which can be purchased by the Dominium account holders. As the assets are created on the blockchain they will of course be 100% transparent and liquid. Moreover, Dominium is underwritten by a portfolio of property assets generating an income and ensuring the future development and maintenance of the platform.

Blockchain technology is the best technology for now, that's why Dominium combine blockchain with real estate platform. Blockchain technology streamlines the real estate ecosystem by enabling people to securely and efficiently share data and money. It makes information more accessible, cuts out middlemen and reduces the risk of fraud and theft. A more secure, speedier, trusted process for buying and selling property is good for everyone involved. (Murphy,2018). and Dominium of course has regulation to make safety their platfrom and can safe their users. what that ?

- Email address 
- Mobile phone 
- Valid ID (Passport, Photo ID, Driving license) 
- Recent proof of address (such as utility bill or bank statement) )
- Tax Identification Number (TIN) 
- Bank account details in the name of the account holder 
- Self-Certification of HNW status or Investor Type status 

Companies may also create a tokenised asset (or security) on the platform. Platform Administrators verify these companies after complying with a slightly different set of verifications, which vary

somewhat by country. Verified details will usually include:

- Country
- Company details (certificate of incorporation, memorandum of articles, etc)
- Company registration number
- Company registered address
- Contact person position at company
- Contact details of company (telephone, email, address, website)
- Contact details of the contact person

Read Initial coin offering of Dominion to know well if you want invest 

as platform used blockchain, Dominion introduce about their initial coin offering, if you want invest in dominium platform, make sure you read completely about Dominium so that no problem occur in the future, what 's initial coin Offering from Dominion ?

Token spesification of Dominion and token sale Details :

- Total Token Supply 1,000,000,000 DOM
- Number of tokens for sale 700,000,000 DOM
- Seed round  100,000,000 DOM
- Pre-ITO / Private Sale - €0.05 per DOM (From 15/08/2018 12:00 CET to 31/08/2018 12:00 CET) 100,000,000 DOM
- Private Sale Bonus (from reserves) Up to 20% depending on contribution
- Minimum purchase during pre-ITO / Private Sale 10,000 DOM
- ITO Phase I - €0.10 per DOM (Starts at 03/09/2018 12:00 CET) 125,000,000 DOM
- ITO Phase II - €0.15 per DOM (Starts as soon as Phase I is sold out) 125,000,000 DOM
- ITO Phase III - €0.20 per DOM (Starts as soon as Phase II is sold out) 125,000,000 DOM
- ITO Phase IV - €0.25 per DOM (Starts as soon as Phase III is sold out) 125,000,000 DOM
- Minimum purchase during public sale 100 DOM

- Airdrop / Referral Program / Bounties / Bonuses 100,000,000 DOM
- Soft cap €2,500,000
- Hard cap €92,500,000
- Currencies accepted EUR, BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, BNB, NXT, ARDR, IGNIS
- Pre-ITO runs from 15/08/2018 12:00 CET to 31/08/2018 12:00 CET
- Most of ITO money raised goes to buying property portfolios in the Netherlands, Germany and the UK

Remaining Token :
Founders 100,000,000
Directors 25,000,000
Advisors 25,000,000

In carrying out the Dominium project, the team certainly made plans or roadmap in each step, and the roadmap for Dominion is :        


Q1 2016
Blockchain technology reaches maturity required to launch a regulated platform for property financing
Financial Holding Company incorporated in the Netherlands for first Max Property Group property funds
Founders’ money used to prove financial model by buying, renovating, and renting out apartments in

Q2 2016
Max Property Group website developed and translated into English, Dutch, and German

Q3 2016
Regulatory compliant prospectus for first Dutch property fund completed.

Q4 2016
Max Property Group Netherland goes live and is fully subscribed within the set time frame.

Q2 2017
Regulatory compliant documentation for Max Property Group Germany and United Kingdom completed.

Q4 2017
Max Property Group Germany and United Kingdom launched (currently raising funds)
Dominium team appointed, technology selected, and development team contracted

Q1 2018
Platform development started, website designed, and referral program created.
Private funding round closed to pay for initial platform development
Initial Financial Holding Company name changed to Dominium B.V.

YR 2018
Finalise English version of Platform, launch Dominium childchain and list DOM on exchanges
Initiate pre-ITO and ITO rounds
Purchase property in NL, DE, and UK, migrate all MPG assets to platform, finalised beta testing of all

YR 2019 - 2025
Finalise standardised regulatory documents, obtain required licenses for security asset listings, open
platform to third party asset creators and property listers and expand worldwide.


Sven-Thomas Munte, Chairman

Mark Lloyd, Managing Director

Marco Reimann, Finance Director

Esther Dekker, Property Director

Maarten Dirks, Blockchain Advisor

Joost De Kruiff, Blockchain Advisor

Gudo Thijssen, Marketing Advisor

Andres Campo, Marketing Advisor

Jacco Van Herwaarden,Compliance Advisor

Nine Bennink, Legal Advisor

Paula Ruffell, Legal Advisor

Jurian Van Groenendaal, Legal Advisor

Blockchain technology team and Dominium platform desaign




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